o3ds xl with cfw rxtools 3.0 freezing when trying to go online

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    Jan 8, 2015
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    Hello, I have a problem with my o3DS XL when trying to go online, in any game it freezes, even in the internet browser, it happens just when trying to go online, any ideas?

    -Old 3ds xl NTSC-U
    -rxtools 3.0
    -sysnand 9.2
    -emunand 10.6
    -sd 16gb sandisk ultra

    I tried to play MH4 online with my sky3ds as I used to do before getting cfw, but I couldn't, it freezes in the loading screen as every game when trying to go online, maybe it's somethig with the emunand or my nintendo id, what should I do?
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