Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar Review

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  1. DeVS

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    Jul 6, 2006
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    Finally got the $20 Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar for the Wii in today. Here is the units feature list:
    • Play up to 25 feet away
      Allows for clean, easy, wire-free installation
      Powered by 4 AA batteries (included)
      Compatible with the Nintendo Wii sensor bar stand
      Ideal for wall-mounted flat screens
      Built in audible alarm reminds user to turn off device when not in use
      Power saver automatically powers down the device
    Well right off the bat the unit does not work 25 feet away. The furthest back I got before loosing a solid signal with the pointer was about 16 feet away which while further then the standard wired sensor bar, it is far short of the advertised 25 feet. The Wireless Bar is about as thick as 2 regular sensor bars and seems very heavy and very well built. It takes 4 AA batteries which it does come with.

    The unit comes with a button on top to turn it on and off and has a blue led that lights up to tell you the unit is on. On the back it has a switch that you can turn on for a 1 hr or 2 hr timer and the unit will automatically turn off after the specified amount of time (only two options are 1 and 2 hours) which is nice incase your the type who easily forgets to turn things off. After the timer has ended the unit will begin beeping and the blue led will blink continuously to tell you timer has ended and you either need to reset the timer or after 5 minutes the unit will turn off by itself.

    I turned on my video camcorder and looked at both units through the view finder to see the IR lights. While the standard wired unit has 5 IR leds on each side of the bar compared to the 3 IR leds on each side of the wireless unit, the 3 leds are brighter then the standard sensor bar. I wish they would have made 5 bright lights instead of only using 3 on each side.

    Overall im not exactly thrilled nor disappointed with this. If you have a big screen tv or just hate having the wire go across your entertainment center then you will be happy with this. If your using a standard (non big screen TV) this probably wont benefit you very much as it only offers a marginal amount of power boost while costing you 4 AA batteries each time the unit drains out. The unit is supposed to sport a 30hr charge but I have not tested that claim yet.


    Official site: http://www.nyko.com/nyko/products/?i=101#
  2. consolekid

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    Oct 8, 2006
    I got this from Bestbuy $20+Tax .... It works flawlessly.... excellent device
  3. amrod

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    Dec 6, 2004
    Do not get INTEC's wireless wii bar... Its pure crap

    Using Devs video camcorder method I checked the Intec, and it 1 IR led per a side (way weaker then nintendo's 5 per a side) Its almost like they used 1 of nintendo's IR LED's per a side.

    are any out there better then nintendo's 5 yet?
  4. Goldcoastr

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    Jun 1, 2007
    DragonPlus Model Is Also Good quality for the prices there sold for


    Can be placed anywhere
    High quality and efficient
    Wireless function and easy to set up
    5 meters operating range to Wii console
    5 meters operating range to Wiimote controller
    Requires 6 pieces of alkaline dry AA batteries (72 hours of continuous play time)
    Compatible with any Wiimote



    Product Link
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    Jun 11, 2006
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    I got mine from BestBuy for $15+tax using a $5 off any Game Accessory coupon. Look around for it. It works great so far =)!