Numchuck and the Conquest of Color DEMO

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    [​IMG] Numchuck and the Conquest of Color DEMO
    GBA Homebrew

    Numchuck and the Conquest of Color is a GBA DEMO created in 2005. The game-play takes place as the user paints a black and white world back to color.

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source
    [​IMG] Discuss
  2. Vague Rant

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    Arrr, that's not how you spell nunchaku. That thing looks like a Lapras. Anyway I'm trying this, will edit with impressions.

    EDIT: Very well presented, apart from the title screen it looks commercial. Movements seems to be oddly rapid though. The jumping speed takes a little getting used to, a more floaty sort of Mario physics would benefit it I think. The colouring theme reminds me of Wizball for the C64, which is in my top five games ever, so that's a good thing. Definitely worth trying out, it's a shame nothing came of it back then.
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    Numchuck is the name of the hero
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