Hacking NTSC Wads on a Pal vWii?

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Aug 7, 2008
Short answer: Yes, but ...

Long answer: Yes, but you will need to do something to work around the region mismatch, and there is a possibility of some games not working or not working correctly due to incompatible video modes. Here's the options, roughly in order of complexity:
  • Modify your NTSC WADs with a tool like ShowMiiWads to make them region free.
  • Install your NTSC WADs without any modifications, then launch them using Wii VC injections, USB loaders, or any other tool which bypasses region lockout. You won't be able to launch your games directly from the vWii System Menu, but anywhere else should work.
  • Install your NTSC WADs to an emuNAND and launch them from your emuNAND tool of choice. You cannot use Wii VC injections/GamePad support if you follow this route.
  • Modify your vWii setting.txt file to change your video mode to NTSC and game region to the region you want: for NTSC games, you probably are trying to play either USA or Japanese games. Note that this option is relatively permanent (although entirely reversable) and applies to all games run directly from the vWii System Menu, including any game discs, etc. It will have no real effect on things you run from USB loaders, etc. Still, this option is really only suitable if you have no desire to play unmodified PAL disc or WiiWare games, and in the same way as some NTSC games may have compatibility issues on a normal PAL vWii, you may now have compatibility issues when playing those PAL games when launched from the System Menu. However, this option will give you the highest compatibility with NTSC games.
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