[NTR] Pokemon XY .AAC Music Replacement

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    Jul 7, 2013
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    Recently I tried to replace some of the Pokemon XY OST by creating a layeredFS plugin for 0004000000055E00 (Pokemon Y). Even though the plugin seemed to be functual and working, running NTR and starting the game with a new AAC file in 0004000000055E00/sound, crashed the game on start.
    I have no idea what the cause of this might be, as I only replaced the title screen music file to test out functionality with a new one that was shorter than 2min.

    Has anyone tried replacing the XY music files before and got it working with correct loop?
    I know ORAS OST replacement is possible as it does use the BCSTM format, which seems to be easier to replace than the AAC files.

    Any help is appreciated :)