NTR Plugin wont work for an out of region game.

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  1. Mzrceh

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    Jan 22, 2017
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    So I'm trying to use an NTR plugin for my Japanese Animal Crossing New Leaf game on my American 11.2 3ds with the recent Luma3ds and b9s, however for some reason when I open up the cheat menu and enable them, they don't work. it's as if I didn't put any cheats at all. Yes, I see the green light and I put all the files in the right place. I used LumaLocaleSwitcher to set the region and language to JP and JPN however it still doesnt work. Is there something I'm missing perhaps due to it being an out of region game?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Majickhat55

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    Is your version of LumaLocaleSwitcher creating the .txt file in the correct directory? I know the old version put them in SD:/luma/locales and the newer version puts them in the correct place at SD:/luma/titles/titleID/......

    If that isn't your issue, then double check the Title ID of the game against the plugin and make sure they match (just to be sure)
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    Make sure your plugin is the one for the japanese version of the game. I made that mistake once with one of the ACNL plugins on this site.