ntfs and fat32 or just fat32 now for 2TB hdd?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by TheGlow, Oct 12, 2014.

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    I hadn't touched my Wii in a while, so I just got a WiiU and saw that the vwii was the only hackable portion.
    I just found out about nintendont and with Wii having physical ports, I figured I'd get back into my original wii.
    As of now I had a 250gb drive with a 50gb fat32 partition, and the rest ntfs.
    Would it be simpler now to just stay fat32, and I believe 32k clusters?

    Also for the gcube support, usb loader gx would be better? I had been using Configurable USB loader the whole time.

    Lastly, it seems I had some of the apps on my cd card launching there. Is that better or better to run off the fat32 partition?
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    FAT32+NTFS is fine as long as you have FAT32 on your first partition.
    Gamecube loader require the games to be on the first MBR/Primary/FAT32/32k partition.

    NTFS partition can still be used for Wii games and you don't need to convert it if you have enough space on your FAT32.
    USBLoaders should be able to load from any partition, even list multiple partition at the same time (at least, USBLoaderGX can do it).

    To play Gamecube Games, there's no better front end, it all depend what the user likes.
    USBLoaderGX allow multiple and independent settings for each games, but you can also use Wiiflow, or even launch Gamecube games directly from nintendont or devolution official loaders.
    you should test the loaders (USBGX, Wiiflow, CFG, postloader) and pick the one you prefer.