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    May 17, 2011
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    *Yes this hack is still alive, some of you may remember it from the past*
    aka Freeze and ray

    -3-Level Adventure Super Mario Bros. demo
    -Worldmap editor by Freeze and ray

    The video is explaining everything quite good, but it doesn't hurt to read the rest too ;)

    To celebrate christmas with you guys, Freeze and me want to give you 2 presents, as said above :)
    While we haven't been working on ASMB a lot in the last months, we did work hard on figuring out how the worldmap works.
    After hours, days, weeks, months of research, trial & error, madness and effort we finally managed to figure out almost everything about the worldmaps except a few small things. Technically we can create complete custom worldmaps now. We were so insanely happy that we decided to create an editor that allows everyone to edit worldmaps, instead of looking trough tons of HEX Code. It currently supports node-editing only, but soon we're going to add other things if we figure out the rest by a 100%. Every needed information can be found in the readme included in the .rar.

    Let's continue with the ASMB demo. Basicially, ASMB is finished by ~56%. Progress is slow, very slow, but looking back to the last beta, we thought it might be a good idea to give you a small demo to keep you updated. While we are offering you the demo, we basicially offer you the whole ASMB ROM minus the levels. So we would appreciate if you don't take anything from the ROM.
    Coming to the demo itself:
    It features 3 fully playable level from ASMB and a badly + fast done worldmap for the demo :durr: As soon as you finish the first level, the other two are immediately opened so you don't need to play 1-2 to unlock 1-3. Also, secret exits will lead you nowhere. This effect was made with the worldmap editor, so you can do similiar things for your hacks. We replaced every worldmap that was edited with a Peach model to not spoiler anything ;) Also, every level (except the ones that are not edited yet and the first 3) will crash. Have fun with it :)

    Screenshot of the editor and the demo worldmap
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Worldmap editor
    ASMB demo (xDelta, US ROM)

    With these words we wish you merry christmas.
    ~Freeze and ray
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    The Worldmap Editor looks very useful!

    Now that NSMB2 modding has begun, are there any plans to try to add support for NSMB2 map editing?
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    How Did You Change The Player Model?
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