Hardware NSMB with wiikey2, strange errorS...


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Apr 1, 2010
United States
I have a PAL Wii on firmware 4.1E with a Wiikey2 installed. I did want to play New Super Mario Bros so I installed the 1.3 update on my Wiikey2, everything went fine! I downloaded the .iso and burned it on a Verbatim DVD-R, i put it in my wii and it worked! I played for about two hours, and then, when I came to World 6 the wii gave me a "disc could not be read" when I tried to play stage 1... So I tried again and it worked just fine, but the next day i wanted to play stage 1 in world 6 it gave me the same error it did before, now I get the error 9 out of 10 times... (and I get it 1 out of 10 in other worlds...)
So I thougt, maybe the .iso is corrupt, so i downloaded another .iso (this one was scrubbed, but i was told that shouldn't be a problem) but when I put this in it didn't even launch and told me to eject this disc...
So I have the following problems:
- One of the .iso sometimes gives me a "disc could not be read" error, but not always and not always on exactely the same spot in the game
- The other .iso didn't even launch and gave an error and told me to eject my disc...
How can I get the game to work properly on my Wii?
Many Thanks!
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