NSMB Wii - The data may not have been copied

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by area, Dec 19, 2009.

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    I have a legitimate copy of NSMB Wii; the HBC installed and updated, and system menu 4.1E. I copied my NSMB wii save onto an SD card to take it to a friend's Wii so we could play on his setup. I then copied the save back from his Wii onto my SD card, but now when I try and put it back on my Wii, I get the error "The data may not have been copied" when using the Data Manager and indeed, on inspection, the data has not been copied.

    What's causing this? Is there an easy solution? Perhaps a homebrew utility that allows copying of save games indiscriminantly?
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    Jun 21, 2008
    Sometimes, the Devs don't want that their saves can be copied. This is mainly for Online-Games, but there are also Offine-Games that have this protection. Don't ask why they are against it, maybe because of Online-Profile Changing, etc....I don't know.

    Use Savegame-Manager to dump and install it. You'll also need cIOS249. Install Wanins one or the Patchmii one. Your friend also needs cIOS249 and the Savegame-Manager.
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    I don't believe this is the issue. I was able to copy the save originally from my Wii to my SD card, and from my SD card onto my friend's Wii. I was then able to copy a save from my friend's Wii onto my SD card. The only problem is going from the SD card back onto my Wii. I am able to select both 'copy' and 'move', which is not the case for a game that has the protection you are talking about (e.g. Brawl) - it is just that they don't work.
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    It probably is the issue. Just because you can copy the save over to the SD card doesn't mean you can copy it to a different Wii from yours.
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    I have successfully copied it to my friend's Wii. This save has gone Wii -> SD card twice, from two different Wiis, and SD -> Wii once. The only problem is going from the SD card onto my Wii, which is softmodded with the HBC.
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    Hi. I've got exactly the same problem.

    I've tried to use Waninkoko's save manager, but it didn't work (it said it cannot copy the save file on my friends Wii).

    Both wii have the same setup (HBC, cIOS 249), but my friend's is older (very first generation in Europe).

    EDIT : it seems we are not the only ones having problems. See here or http://www.wiisave.com/?dlid=3408

    Too bad...
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    Mar 27, 2007
    I have the same problem with Wii Sports, my Wii got wiped after a trip to Nintendo but I still have the Wii Sports save on my SD card which I can't get back onto the Wii.

    I've been trying to install the save from my SD using save manager but save manager isn't built to handle the installation of .bin files

    I've also tried unpacking the save using FE100 in a hope that save manager could cope with the unpacked .bin (but I don't think this will work either because they export the saves in different ways) –perhaps I need to merge a copy of a new Wii sports save with the old data file….

    Preloader's “Remove NoCopy Protection” also seems ineffective