Nreal Light AR glasses launches in retail in the U.S. later this month

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After being available in some markets, consumer AR glasses Nreal Light will make its official debut in the U.S. later this month. Today Nreal announced the availability and sale of Nreal Light in the U.S. exclusively through Verizon retail stores. In-store sales begin this November 30th while online sales open on December 2nd. Potential buyers can trial the AR experience in select retail stores.

“Although Nreal Light's availability in the U.S. has been highlight anticipated, we couldn't be more excited to be announcing the sales of Nreal Light at Verizon retail stores as this marks a momentous milestone not only for Nreal, but also the AR industry as a whole," said Chi Xu, CEO and Founder at Nreal.

The device not only has dedicated AR games and apps but also lets you browse your favourite apps from your phone on a giant holographic screen. To learn more about the experience, be sure to check out our official impressions piece here!

Nreal Light will retail at Verizon stores and its online website for US$599 and run on both Android and iOS phones.

:arrow: Nreal Light GBAtemp Impressions
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I guess I missed it, but what happened with their altercation between them and Epic?

Unreal vs Nreal trademark

imho, epic does have a case as it's really similar when you mouth it but then unreal is in game dev while nreal is doing ar glasses
kinda different industries
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