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    Dec 11, 2018
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    Ok, so All that have tested Labo Vr Garage, there is some grate stuff there.

    Few things i wish it had are
    1. Sharing!! I mean come on, we can create all the cool stuff, but if i want to someone to try it, they have to go though all the work to wire it up...
    2. Computer editor, eave if its just the 2D version, some way to simply the builds.
    Started looking at the save files, LgcPlzFileSet[0-3].bin
    They seem to hold the data for the corresponding pages of files, aka Page 1 is LgcPlzFileSet[0].bin and Page 4 is LgcPlzFileSet[3].bin

    Some info form the help menu may help in decoding.
    1. You can have up to 256 nodes and 256 connecting lines per file.
    2. The max "cost" per file is 2000, and each node will change based on the nods setting.
    3. You can connect up to 8 wires to one port.
    4. Any connected Nodes are called a Bind group and only 32 nodes per Bind group.
    5. The max chain of nodes is 16
    My first gole is to find the file and page locations, so that one my be able to start sharing stuff online.
    some sort of loader that would take a save and load a file into a corresponding page and slot.
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