Hacking Novice PS4 SW advanced mode user, help making battle EXP cheats using SW?


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May 15, 2021
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I'm new to the board, so my apologies ahead of time if this isn't the right place to ask.

I've had Save Wizard for PS4 for a while(unmodded PS4) and I've been using it just for their regular cheats, however, lately, I've started to dabble into learning advanced mode and how to edit saves, to do what I want and understand what to look for within the code. It's typically only things like item editing in RPGs so far, since all the games I've tried with so far have identifiers on the ASCII on the right side that can give hints to what you're looking for. And when it's confusing what I'll do is adjust the item quantity and search the save file before and after to find which line of code changed to identify what line of code I'm looking for.

But making cheats or using advanced mode to change how much experience you get after battle is a whole different ball game. I'm going through a few different games with my saves, exploring advanced mode and I have no idea what to look for or where to even begin to see where the battle experience is in all this code. Specifically right now I'm working on the game Lost Sphear. They have a Max EXP cheat already on SW, but it doesn't work 100% right. I find for cheats it's better to get the experience during a battle, so the levels and stats scale up naturally. Their cheat doesn't do that.

Would anyone have an idea on where to begin to make battle EXP cheats or what to look for when going through advanced mode and exploring my save files, so I can either edit it directly or make a cheat myself?

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