Note for Fireware v1.08 of DSTWO - BUG FOUND

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by RalphUp, Mar 7, 2011.

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    FROM Godslash - Admin on the SC Forum, I know SlayerDX has posted in the 3DS fix post but for ALL those who have had WHITE SCREENS on the DS PHAT/LITE and THERE IS NO CARD INSERTED IN THE DS CAME CARD SLOT messages:

    Note for Fireware v1.08 of DSTWO
    We found there is a reset bug in v1.08 Fireware of DSTWO. Somethings the cart cannot be recognized after resetting.

    We are addressing this issue, we thought that may be because the amount of data is very large when 3DS boots, but the time spent for reset is too short, CPU is not been initialized. We are modifying the booting code now, we will release a new version A few days later.

    Btw, please make sure to upgrade DSTWO fireware on the DS console, never on a 3DS console.
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    Old news, bro.

    Also, did not know that you can only update on the DS. I wonder if that means after its working, it STILL needs to be updated on DS not a pre-update 3DS?

    Good thing I am keeping my old DS after all.
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    Cool I'll wait for the update that way I don't SMAAAASH my DSiXL.(Off topic I love Mother 2 and 3.)
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    Why is it bad to update the DSTWO on the 3DS??? I only have a 3DS, so should I update? How dangerous is it?