"not a wii disc" Config USB Loader when using backup DVDR

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  1. ghorricks

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    Mar 31, 2008
    Long before the USB loaders appeared on the scene I was using DVD+Rs and a Backup DVD loader channels such as Gamma.
    I remember that some of the images burned perhaps ommited a partition that contained updates etc BUT the Disc loader channels still loaded them fine.

    When the USB loaders were release, I decided to start to transfer my original Wii Disc to the USB hard drive via the Configurable USB Loader software and all was going well.... UNTIL I got to the DVD+R backups of the games I no longer had the originals of.

    When it tried to rip about 50% od these it just displays the following:

    [+] Install game

    [+] Opening DVD disc... OK!
    [+] ERROR: Not a Wii disc!!

    Now... after searching the web and finding MANY MANY people asking the same question and not getting an answer, I am assuming that the people writing the USB loaders have not factored into the code allowing the people who have these DVD's without a certain partition or certain DATA the ability to recognise these discs!

    I then tried to rip the disc using IMGBURN.... To an ISO format and then to add to the USB disc via my PC (wbfs_file.exe)
    An error happened here too...

    C:\Users\Dave\Desktop>wbfs_file.exe *.iso convert c:*.wbfs
    Converting R5TP69.iso to .wbfs
    Writing: c:*.wbfs
    ERROR: creating c:*.wbfs.tmp
    fopen: Invalid argument
    SPLIT 0: no file

    0 1 00620F00
    error seeking in disc partition: Invalid argument

    So - IS there a known work around for this yet?
    Can a work around be made within the USB loader to allow these discs to be read and ripped to the USB drive?
    Who would I need to contact to request this feature?

    I have quite a few discs which I need to get on the USB drive, but no way to convert them to WFFS files as they are not recognised ISO images despite being readable via DVDR Disc loaders.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Dr. Clipper

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    Aug 28, 2007
    Cfg only supports ripping of your original discs (other discs might work, but that's just a side effect). None of the current developers care for piracy, so I doubt you'll see a fix from us. What happened to your originals?
  3. ghorricks

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    Mar 31, 2008
    A while back my car was broken into and they took quite a few bits and bobs... iPod, Sat Nav, kids DVD player and some stuff I left in the boot.
    One of those things was a CD wallet with my Wii games... When my insurance company said they only cover £200 of stuff (my excess was £350!) I just got really mad and decided to get my Wii sorted out.
    Only problem is I didnt have the originals so had to get what I could online.

    Long story short is that I now have those DVD backups instead of my originals and they were originally patched - some were not and they backed up to the HD fine.

    They're all old games too - which makes them difficult to find now.

    I can still play them using the Neo Gamma loader, and my originals via the USBLoader but it would be nice to have them all installed so I didnt have to keep scratching the backups when they slide out of the wallet. [​IMG]

    EDIT - And even worse, they took my Japanese imported SNES to Wii joypad that was a limited edition!!!! ( i think it was a club nintendo gift)
  4. tueidj

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    Jan 8, 2009
    Search for bunpatcher.
  5. ghorricks

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    Mar 31, 2008
    Will try this when I get home. Looks like it will do exactly the right thing... And as I am not a DOS newbie and understand what the software is doing, I should be able to add whatever was missing from an iso file and then convert to a wbfs file.

    It's a shame that whatever your software is adding to the ISO file in order to get it recognized, the coders of USB loader cannot use it to allow reading of patched/decrypted backups directly.

    I understand wanting to avoid people using it for piracy, but I was under the impression that USB loader was created to store your backups on the USB HD, and if that meant getting the data from a non original disc, then it was ok.

    Some older iso images were obviously missing some info, and USB loader doesn't want anything to do with images of this nature.

    back on to my car being broken into... I think it's terrible that I lost things of so much value and yet legally couldn't do anything about it. This is a good example of why it pays to backup your DVD movies, Games, CDs and other data. Not only did I feel violated, I also was vastly out of pocket. Worse thing was my car was parked in a recommended SAFE place.

    Even years after it still makes my blood boil.

    I'd just like to say thanks for helping with that command line tool.

  6. person66

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    Jun 16, 2009
    You could also just use a computer program like wii backup manager to copy them to the USB drive, though you may have to extract the iso with a program like imgburn first
  7. jalaneme

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    Nov 27, 2006
    what i find surprising is how much stuff they stole from your car AND boot, are you sure you lock the car before you left? if you want to get older wii games, just join a private tracker to obtain them instead of wasting your time trying to rip the dvds, maybe the blanks are poor media, that is why it won't recognise? what brand are they? i am curious, blank dvdr wii games should rip to the computer fine without using a usb loader, there is something not right about those discs...

    he is best off riping the discs with img burn first and then convert the iso to wbsf.
  8. resincake

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    Aug 21, 2009
    I have put lots of backup copies on my HDD, via my PC & via the Wii. I do agree that it is a lot easier if you have an .ISO file, but I have also never had any fail when just ripping from the DVD-R (Using WBFS_Intelligent_GUI on PC or simply using CFG_USBLoader on my Wii). For the record I have put over 100 backups on my HDD without problem (all ofthe titles I have on HDD I also have on backup DVD-R).

    I agree with jalaneme, you may want to change the brand of DVD-R you are using, backups should work fine to put on a HDD.

    I have had a troubled past and do not mind admitting that I used to be a car thief, and served my time for it too. That however was in the past and something I am not proud of. I can point out however that most thieves will go after your car stereo or the car itself, and will only look in the boot once they have taken the car away. I would seriously consider the possibility that the thief knows you (and hence you know them), and knows also what was in the boot, which would indicate it probably isnt a passing acquaintance and rather somebody who knows you quite well. :/

    I hope you find the culprit and recover your goods.
  9. ghorricks

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    Mar 31, 2008
    Well quite simply - I drive a hatchback which doesnt have a seperate locking boot. I know people tell porkies, and it's hard to beleive people when it comes to backups. And yes I locked the car and they smashed the windows!!!! As for the poor media, thats irrelevant as once I extracted the ISO(s) to my PC and used bunpatcher to fix the ISO - I was able to transfer the fixed ISO image to the USB drive via Wii Backup Manager (or something or other).

    Just to make it clear - some people have early backup copies which were patched (to remove some data)... these discs do not appear as a Wii Disc when using CFG USB Loader... instead, people with these discs need to extract the ISO and use bunpatcher. Then they can either burn the fixed ISO and put it in the Wii with CFG USB Loader OR perform the WBFS conversion on the PC.

    bunpatcher fixes EARLY backups that were labelled as "patched".