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    Oct 26, 2007
    Nostalgeo no Kaze Getting Localized
    Another DS RPG

    Nostalgeo no Kaze, the steampunk DS RPG from the creators of FFIII/IV and DQV, is getting localized by Ignition Entertainment and Tecmo and will be coming to North America under the title "Nostalgia".

    Here is a little insight on the game, provided by Kotaku:

    Key Game Features:

    • Ambitious, fully 3D polygonal graphical engine offers dramatic, sweeping camera angles and impressive vistas rarely seen in a DS title.
    • Cohesive, anime-inspired art direction that effectively captures the game's turn-of-the-century charm.
    • Travel to incredibly unique, non-traditional RPG locales via airship including London, New York, Cairo, Africa, and Russia.
    Features two distinct combat engines: One is a brisk, turn-based close-quarters melee between your party members and monsters; while the other offers thrilling, large-scale airship battles. In addition, your battle skills are scored at the conclusion of each conflict, inspiring strategic mastery.
    • Handy in-game notebook feature keeps track of people, monsters, airships and items you've run across. • Plenty of user-defined customization, allowing the player to trick out his or her airship with various weapons, armor types, and special skill attacks. The player can also choose character-specific skills from a branching tree for a more personalized experience.
    • Explore a variety of diverse, engaging dungeons that include brain bending puzzles and tricky Indiana Jones-style traps.
    • Optional quest system inspires players to approach the adventure from a less linear perspective, extending the life of the gameplay experience.

    Nintendo Power did a small preview on the game:

    [​IMG] Source
    [​IMG] Discuss

    Big thanks to granville for reporting the news and providing the Nintendo Power preview!

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