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    I recently Received my 3 in 1 which I use with my cyclods. I have a few questions:

    1. I am still not fully understanding when I should use PSRAM and when I should use NOR.

    2. I also do not understand why there is a SAV slot for each game with 1-5 under it. Is this so you can save multiple games for the same cart?

    3. Last when I open my save folder on my microsd card on my PC. I see .SAV's .SV1's .SV2's etc. What do these mean?
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    1) So essentially:

    PSRAM: This is pretty much playing GBA games like your slot-1 plays DS games. It loads the game on temporary PSRAM memory and when you turn off the DS you have to load it again to play.

    NOR: Takes longer but it copies the game to the 3n1's onboard memory. Now you can treat that cart like an actual cart (boot from slot-2 or play on another gba/ds/gba player).

    The only time you HAVE to do NOR is when you want to play a 32 mb ROM (ex. Riviera, Mother 3). PSRAM can't handle such XBOX sized games.

    4/8/16 - PSRAM and NOR APPROVED
    32 - NOR ONLY

    2) Yeah.
    3) I'm going to assume you saved in different slots.
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    Just save in the first empty slot; don't worry about it. It's the first save. The others are optional. Took me a while to figure out too [​IMG]
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    Okay i apologize in advance for the drug reference

    Psram = Crack head Fast
    Nor = Pot head walking through the snack aisle at a grocery store