Noob Question: Gameshark cheats in VBA?(Pokemon)

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    Jan 6, 2015
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    So I just bought Pokemon Leaf green and Emerald for my GBA. I will be playing it on my DS lite, because my flashcart lets me transfer saves between my computer, therefore letting me edit the Save file. I don't want to cheat the game, more like unlock content I feel I deserve for my money. All I want is to access the special event encounters, like the one with Ho-oh or Mew that was only available in Japan. I know I need specific key items to access those events, but also codes that enable those cheats. I have no idea how this emulator works, and how cheating works on VBA, all the cheats on the internet I got don't work.

    So, what I am asking, could anyone give me a tutorial on how to enable those cheats that give me those few key items that will let me access all the event pokemon in those 2 games? I would like instructions and codes that actually work. If anyone has done this before, help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Find VBA cheats and just input them, tons of tutorials available online
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