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    (sorry if this isnt in the right forum)

    there's too much thrown about describing types of m3s that im finding it a little hard to seperate which device anyone is talking about.
    can this M3 product be used for both OperaDS ('Nintendo DS Browser') as well as scummvm?

    if no, then what can be used to kill two birds with one stone (if possible)?

    if yes, any where to find the same products at a lesser cost?
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    Yes, this is the thing you need to run OperaDS..You'll have to patch OperaDS ROM first, and then use it with GBA Expansion slot 2 cart (it comes in the package)..
    Patch could be found and downloaded from, for the best place to buy, check you'll find everything you need to know about shops here..

    And after all that said, you should know that OperaDS is pretty slow browser, and it's best to view pages with less pictures (it can handle pages with lots of pictures, but it takes time to load), and it's not the best way to surf the internet, but in the time of need, and if you don't have any other way to check some site, it'll do the job!!