nonpdrm: Help with QCMA backups on PSTV

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    Okay So I installed H encore, configured the ur0:/tai/config.txt, added in nonpdrm and got SD2vita working and mounted into my PSTV. Now I have a psvita 1000 model, but I want to transfer my psn purchases from that to PC, and then PC to my SD2Vita. I use QCMA to get my psvita 1000's games to my PC. I tried to then copy the game folder, encrypted and decrypted, into the ux0/app folder, inside vitashell 1.9.4, but then when I refresh the Live area and database, the message always say "0 items refreshed", and the game wont show up in the Live area at all. I don't understand why it wont show up.

    Do I need to convert my QCMA transferred game into nonpdrm format? if so how? If not, then what do I need to do to let my purchases to work on PSTV? I would like to avoid connecting my PSTV online for any reason, as I do not want to get banned. I use a usb stick/ uma0 to do any transferring with vitashell. I'm only trying to get digital games from my psn account in my PSVita 1000 to work so I'm not interested in pirating games using pkgj or nopaystation.

    so to put it shortly, what I want to do is in steps:

    1. Download game from my PSN account into psVita 1000 normally
    2. transfer that game to PC with QCMA
    3. then transfer that game from PC to my PSTV with a usb stick and Vitashell and get it to work.
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