Nomura has several unannounced titles coming

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    Nomura has several unannounced titles coming
    Before FFXIII: Agito and Versus

    While Tetsuya Nomura said Final Fantasy Agito XIII voice recording sessions will start after The 3rd Birthday, Agito isn’t the next game on Square Enix’s release list. Nomura said, over Twitter, there other unannounced games will be released first.

    "There are several unannounced titles. These will go before Agito and Versus. Some have voice recording completed. Announcements will happen in Japan," Nomura affirmed.

    This reminds me of a patent we found, registered to Tetsuya Nomura, for a puzzle RPG battle system. Square Enix, so far haven’t said anything about that idea.[/p]
    [​IMG] Source (Siliconera)
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    so i guess they are still teasing... ah now topic pic
    FF13 is still warm so i think they will not release the next FF soon
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    He better hurry up. No KHIII until after Versus and that's really all I want from Square.
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    I miss Yoshitaka Amano's designs in video games. The DS remakes rendered his monster visions pretty true, but not so much the humans.

    Nomura's humans are bland and Square is probably continuing to lift Amano's monsters for FF titles.

    Can you imagine how beautiful Amano's vision would have worked with Kingdom Hearts? It would have been like the dark Epic Mickey everyone was originally hoping for.