Nocturne DS

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Hadrian, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Nice to see another supernatural themed game, Dementium worked well due to its sound lets see if this can work on the DS. I've not heard anything else about this game but bigger version of the screens are here.

    Heres a bad translation of the text on the site:
    "?The software 'Akagawa Jiro mystery nocturne for DS - the homicide which is caused to the book -' it sells [maberasuentateimento], in 2008 February.As for price 3,990 Yen (including tax).

    ?Jiro Akagawa wrote 'nocturne', to 1991 “the book which called homicide - me the library -” with the adventure game which is made the original, as the software for PS in 1998 'nocturne', in 2001 continuation 'nocturne 2' release was done.'Akagawa which this time is sold Jiro mystery nocturne - the homicide which is caused to the book -', 'both of nocturne' and 'nocturne 2' are recorded, also the function only of DS is added large number.
    ?The stage of the story left the ruderal, “the sound sound village (with don't you think? with)”.The protagonist with this village which it visits in order to do part-time job, means to keep being involved by the incident which happens one after another."
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    Looks pretty interesting. I'm looking forward to it.
  3. Switchy

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    I would love a horror puzzle game. They don't seem to make any of them.
    I mean, Dementium was great when it came to environment and such, but the gameplay didn't do it for me.
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    Wow, this look great, I love me some supernatural adventure. Here's hoping it sees an English release. :S
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    Looks good, reminds me of Ghost Trap on the GBA, also a JPN only title.
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    I'd hate to burst your bubble, but these kind of text-adventure games don't have much of a market outside of Japan. And since it's a lot of work to localize they usually don't see an overseas release.