No Slowdown For Nintendos Sales In Japan

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Hadrian, Apr 28, 2007.

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    Sales in Japan from 16th to 22nd have been released, nicked these from Dcemu:

    - DS Lite: 172,359 Up by 39,034 (29.28%) [​IMG]
    - Wii: 77,913 Up by 2,154 (2.84%)
    - PSP: 29,459 Up by 4,609 (18.55%)
    - PS2: 11,398 Down by 1,474 (11.45%)
    - PS3: 11,000 Down by 948 (7.93%)
    - Xbox 360: 2,307 Down by 593 (20.45%)
    - GBA SP: 860 Up by 206 (31.50%)
    - Game Boy Micro: 449 Down by 168 (27.23%)
    - Gamecube: 266 Up by 99 (59.28%)
    - DS Phat: 81 Down by 65 (44.52%)
    - GBA: 55 Up by 29 (111.54%)

    So Nintendo are currently creaming the competition for yet another week over there, and I doubt that'll stop with FFXII on DS and Big Brain & Super Paper Mario for Wii out recently and is this still with shortages? Nice to see the GBA still selling over a thousand despite no software releases. Well done to the Big N! [​IMG]
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    wait for FF on the ps3......
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    And xbox360...

    so dont bet in them selling lots of PS3, Xbox360 is gonna have some RPGs soon i belive. Plus by the time FF13 it might be too late, to Sony catch nintendo or it might not even be enough to reach it... lets see what will happen
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    FF will help Sony for sure, but they priced themselves right out of ever seeing 1st place. I mean really if it wasn't for the Japanese culture to screw the american you'd see the 360 kicking their ass too with its software and lower pricing. When you can get a $400 PS3, you'll see some form of rebound, but by then you'll have a $175-200 wii and a $250-300 360.