No Pokémon MMO or online game coming, say creators

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Hazard7, Mar 25, 2009.

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    Mar 21, 2008
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    There were people expecting one?
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    no one is actually going to walk around asking to trade with other people. it's the freaking 21st century. Computers and internet is everywhere. There are thousands of games having great online experiences for their players. What exactly are they thinking? This isn't the 1990s anymore where that idea is revolutionary and people still walk around with link cables to enjoy that person to person experience. Bad move on their part I say. It would be such a success.
  4. shadow1w2

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    Hmm, they say you cant see others online.
    And yet the DSi has cameras.....
    Lazy bums.

    Still, its nice to go up to a friend with a pokemon game, but it can be such a pain sometime, especially when you get older and realize holding on to the game makes you look stupid to half the people in the world.

    If we could hook up with a friend and meet each other in game remotely and then take on team rocket and other pokeventures together, it would improve the same boring game some.

    Though A less linear story arc and the like would make it better as well. Though it would be needed for multiplayer adventure. Since if you both started from the same spot, it would loose a bit of adventure. Though would be convenient at least.

    I think the best way to think of it is this;
    Sure you can trade with your friends face to face, even trade online a bit.
    However you can NEVER EVER catch a pokemon WITH your friend.
    Just trade and battle.... and no TALKING! "But... how can I?" "I said NO talking!"

    Yep, Pokemon as a series needs to do what the game tends to revolve around.

    Non linear progression with an easy to follow main route and some more player to player connectivity and more live real time (possibly 3D) pokemon hunting/fighting/catching would step it up several notchs close to a best game ever title. Run up to the creature, not run back and fourth for a random encounter. Also chasing after it through brush and forest sounds fun too.
    Wouldn't hurt to make another story based console game like the GCN games were.
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    Apr 25, 2008
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    Sep 10, 2008
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    Well, hope they hack d/p/p for DS, so that you can like create yuor own game, just like with the hack progs for GBA pokémon games. That kicks ass.. xD
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    "No Pokémon MMO or online game coming, say creators"

    Breaking news!

    No Pokemon MMO on a system that's in no way suited for MMOs at all, after Nintendo refused to make a decent Pokemon RPG for the N64, the GameCube and the Wii and virtually haven't changed the game at all since the very first edition? That's...Shocking! [​IMG]

    What's next, no new StarFox game that doesn't suck?