No Online Play for FIFA After All?

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    No Online Play for FIFA After All?


    Those looking forward to playing with other FIFA 12 3DS players over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection might be in for disappointment.

    EA has clarified one important piece of information regarding the upcoming footie sim FIFA 12 on the 3DS.

    No connection Wi-Fi symbolThe original press release for the game claimed it would feature “head-to-head local online matches using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection”. Though this wording is somewhat confusing (the phrase “local online” is completely contradictory) the name drop of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which is Nintendo’s online gaming service, seemed to back up the implication that FIFA 12 would feature true online play.

    In turns out that this isn’t the case. Speaking to Nintendo World Report the game’s producer Matt Prior confirmed that it won’t feature online play after all:

    “Currently, we only have local head-to-head play, but server-based online is certainly something we would be looking at in the future.”

    Why the press release contained false information remains unclear. It could simply be a case of miscommunication between the PR staff who wrote the release and the development team.

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