No More Heroes 3 "won't happen soon"

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    Later this year, Western gamers will be treated to No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise. Exclusive to the PlayStation 3 in North America and Europe, the game will support the console's Move motion-sensing system. It is also a high-definition port of the 2007 Wii title No More Heroes, which was the brainchild of Grasshopper Manufacture head Goichi Suda, also known as Suda 51 (Killer 7).

    Last night in Japan, Suda held a charity event to both raise money for victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and promote his new Electronic Arts-published game, Shadows of the Damned. According to a Famitsu report (translated by Andria Sang), the famed designer also discussed the possibility of a new No More Heroes game, expressing interest in such a project.

    "Although it won't happen soon, I'd like to do it at some point," he reportedly told the crowd.

    If it comes to fruition, the next No More Heroes game would be the third in the series. The second game, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, was published for the Wii in North America in early 2010 by Ubisoft. No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise will be published by Konami, with AQ Interactive handling development.

    As previously mentioned, Heroes Paradise will be an HD version of the original No More Heroes. The game presents a hyperstylized and violent world of fanboy fantasies in which protagonist Travis Touchdown ascends the ranks of an assassins' guild by murdering all of his competition. In addition to becoming the world's greatest hired killer, Travis hopes his efforts will win the affections of his beautiful and mysterious benefactor.

    Besides PlayStation Move controls, AQ has added more boss characters to Heroes Paradise, as well as improved the artificial intelligence of No More Heroes' enemies. Players will also be able to face off against previously defeated bosses in the newly added Rebout mode. Lastly, Viewer mode lets gamers watch the game's cutscenes without playing through the game.


    A part of me died on the inside. Make it happen Suda, I beg you!
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    No More Heroes 3 will come out eventually, I'm sure. I'm guessing it won't be until the next generation of consoles though.
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    I still have to play them, but it's still sad.. I have the first laying around legit since two weeks, but I did't have much time lately. Maybe I'll start today~ ^^
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    No More Heroes, easily one of my favourite franchises of all time.. MAKE IT HAPPEN! PLEASEEEE!!!!

    Seriously though, I'm so buying it when it does come out at some point.
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    NMH was good, but NMH2 was kinda shitty. I wouldn't mind if NMH3 never came out.
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    nmh2 was kind of bland and short. i beat it as soon as it came out. i tried the ps3 version and i'd rather play on the wii.
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    Old news. GM already said the next game wont come until the Wii 2 arrives.
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    I agree so much, NMH2 was a huge disappointment. I bought the game and I still would only to support the folks at Grasshopper, but overall is was mediocre. It just lacked a lot of the charm of the first game and there were few improvements, just substitutions.
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    Aside of the platforming I thought the second one was just as good as the first one. Really great games and I also loved the combat in these games. So much fun...

    Hopefully it wasn`t the last time we see Travis, since the character is just so crazy that it would be sad if he wouldn`t return.
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    Well that sucks, I just recently started playing No More Heroes 2 (I never played NMH 1) and think it's fun. Oh well, it's not a major part of my gaming library, anyway.