no$gba/zoomer and HGSS

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    After lots of effort, I finally got HGSS working without any (frequent? hasn't happened yet anyway) freezing, and can save just fine on no$zoomer. At first it was quite slow but the music was fine, so I just trotted along slowly up until Violet City. Then I suddenly realised some things were checked under EXTRAS and unchecked them, and wow, full speed! I'm so amazed that I'm now wondering if there's one final little check I can do that I haven't seen for a minor graphical issue (not gamebreaking).

    I'm sure a lot of you will understand me if you emulate the DS on PC, it's to do with the 3D effects (e.g. attacks, the flash when a pokemon comes out of its ball, etc). They appear pretty pixelated and often have lots of black pixels on the outline. I'm thinking it might be a transparency issue (where some of these border pixels would be see through and then give the illusion of curves rather than harsh squares, if anyone understands me). Is there a general graphics option to fix this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Changing the 3d renderer from 'nocash' to OpenGL might get rid of the transparency artifacts at the cost of speed and possibly other graphical problems, but I can't check as I run no$gba through WINE and the OpenGL renderer just throws up an error when used.