no$gba version 2.4d

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    no$gba version 2.4d

    Better wifi emulation and documentation

    The popular no$gba emulator has been updated, this version features improved wifi emulation.

    [title:Changelog:]- debug/setup: allows to enable/disable user-debugmsg, wifi-log, and 3d-log

    - cpu: emulates undef opcode/copro exception (with warning if no bios/vector=0)

    - wifi/emu: emulates new bits in rx header, and optional auto sequence control

    - cpu/bugfix: arm ldm/stm accidently destroyed mis-alignments (on writeback)

    - wifi/help: added info on port 1C4h, and on some of the 1Bxh ports (rxstat's)

    - wifi/help: added new chapter on transmit errors and automatic ACK responses

    - wifi/help: added info on ports 1A8h,1AAh,1ACh,1AEh (bit0..12 vs. 1B0h..1BFh)

    - wifi/help: discovered new bits in RX header, added notes on MAC addresses

    - wifi/debug: allows to log all packets (with automatic comments on ieee header)

    - wifi/help: added notes on automatic sequence ctrl and auto-modified frame ctrl

    - wifi/emu: tx-engine uses new timers, and emulates length/rate/preamble timing

    - wifi/emu: emulates the various wifi counters and irqs at correct timing

    - debug/setup: memorizes if iomap window was open (if so, re-opens it on boot)

    - debug/emustop: break_requests (esc-key) take place only on current machine

    - debug/internal: replaced ds:bibos swi_retadr/haltstop/intrwait by vals:bios

    - debug/vramviewer: oam viewer supports extended obj palettes (thanks pierre)

    - debug/vramviewer: fixed engine-B palette viewer (thanks pierre for bug report)

    - dslite/help: added info on new TSC chip by AKM (new IN2, different PD bits)

    - dslite/help: added note on near-crt-quality colors and wider viewing angles

    - dslite/help: added custom change-channels-flowchart for new wifi-type3-chips

    - dslite/help: added settings at firmware[0CEh-and-up] for new wifi-type3-chips

    - dslite/xboo: updated nds-pins.gif (added new pin-positions on ds-lite board)

    - dslite/xboo: added 8 extra diodes in data lines (to prevent power-on problem)

    - dslite/help: added lite-specific wifi (W) mirrors, and unused wifi ram/ports

    - dslite/help: added the new backlight level bits in firmware user settings

    - dslite/help: added caution on DS-lite destroying wifi ports 064h and 076h

    - dslite/help: added new powerman backlight/power register (and lost mute-bit)

    - dslite/help: added ID for firmare chip 35PE20P (and supported it in ds-xboo)

    - powerman/help: added unknown bit (mutes volume to zero, if amplifier is on)

    - wifi/emu: emulates initial wifi-port settings and random register (mod 5FDh)

    - wifi/emu: emulates primary wifi irq flag stuck zero while secondary nonzero

    - wifi/emu: emulates corrected ports (004h,0ACh,0AEh,0B0h,0B4h)

    - wifi/emu: emulates new ports (210h, 05Ch/06Ch, 062h/064h) and new mirrors

    - wifi/help: added rx/tx signal/timing charts (rfu pins, aka 19Ch bits)

    - wifi/help: added specs/cautions on primary wifi irq flag (2000214h.Bit24)

    - wifi/help: added new mirrors (on read from 0ACh,0AEh,20Ch,21Ch,298h,2A8h,2B0h)

    - wifi/help: added notes/info on ports 038h,19Ch,214h,21Ch and on W_CONFIG_140h

    - wifi/help: new bits 0EAh.1,008h.13/14 004h.14); extra-TX ports 118h,0EEh,090h

    - wifi/help: corrected ports 004h,0ACh,0AEh,0B0h,0B4h and txstat.bit12-13

    - wifi/help: added info on new ports (110h, 210h, 05Ch/06Ch, 062h/064h)

    - wifi/help: fixed tx_hdr: rate 8bit (not 16bit) defaults to 1Mbit/s if invalid

    - wifi/help: added new bits: port004h.bit0 tx_master, 008h.bit15 beacon_irq1

    - wifi/help: major updates in timers chapter (reloads, IRQ13/14/15, 22MHz, etc)

    - nds/help: pinouts for nds LCD sockets, wifi RFU boards, and powerman chips

    - gui: mousewheel support (win98 or dos/ctmouse) (thanks jasper/idea, tilo/hw)

    [​IMG] Download and homepage

    Thanks to dualscreenman for the heads up.

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    There was also one or two CPU emulation fixes.
    This seems to make Spectrobes freeze after the intro instead of before. [​IMG]

    Also it seems Mr. Korth is considering implementing cheat support for the next version.
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    does no$ still cost money. I remember when no$ was actually in fact no$. I never pay for emulators, no point to it.

    oh edit:

    The shareware & commecial versions include debugging features which are
    useful for programmers ONLY, these versions are COMPLETELY USELESS for
    gamers. That means, if you are a gamer, then you do NOT need to buy (or
    steal) anything, you already GOT EVERYTHING you need FOR FREE.

    then where is the fun in that [​IMG] One must pirate the game to use in the emulator, then the challenge is to pirate the emulator itself [​IMG] been there, done that.
  4. FAST6191

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    You pay for the debug version but if you just want to play games you can get the free version which only lacks the debug stuff.
  5. amptor

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    May 2, 2003
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    ya I know, I don't need the debugger but.. it's against the rules according to the text to get the debugger for free, so in this piracy world rules were made to be broken [​IMG]
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    every time I check no$gba's site I always think "maybe they finally made a real site"

    but no.. they always have the same... dumb website, I'd rather they just had a nice blog page

    yeh I know this isn't at all important
  7. dualscreenman

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    No$gba is made by one person, so it's not really a "they" thing, heh.
    The website's functional. That's all that really matters. [​IMG]
  8. Sparkle

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    Sep 11, 2004
    does it play most commercial roms flawlessly, thats the only thing i need to know [​IMG] i dont follow the ds emu scene
  9. KaliKot

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    It plays a modest amount of roms but not at full speed (yet) but some are playable (Phoenix Wright FTW!)

    no, you guys got it wrong. no$gb the gameboy emulator used to have a shareware and freeware version where the freeware version would "run out of batteries" but it was cool back in the day as it can emulate the gb link and trade pokemon with yourself! whoo.

    Of course some people found cracks and we were able to circumvent the shareware thing

    fastforward to today and no$gba is now a fully featured free emulator and only the debug needs pay [​IMG] now isnt that great
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    I really like the style of his homepage. Very functional, and I like his humor.
  11. moshii

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    Jun 6, 2006

    I have to reply.. frankly you have posted the most arsehat comment I have ever seen here.

    no$ refers to Martin's (The author) lifestyle and not the price of the emulator. The emulator part of the software is "free", so you're not paying for the emulator. The debugger is what you can choose to pay for, judging by your attitude it would be wasted on you, which costs $15 for homebrew developers and several hundred for commercial developers.

    I don't know where you get off thinking that the author owes you - features you aren't going to use - for free. Maybe you can't read what's written on the website? Also if you had ever registered no$gba you'd know that the registration system is pretty good, and essentially the only way of "pirating" no$gba would be to leak your personal key. Which then results in your key becoming void.
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    Wow... but... it will work with any wireless card?

    (i have the Ralink 2500 chip card...)