no$gba 2.4e released

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    no$gba 2.4e released

    DS cheat support

    One of the foremost DS emulators, no$gba, has received an update to 2.4e.

    The main change as far as most end-users are likely concerned is the long awaited cheat support.

    Changelog is as follows:

    • - nds/3d: internal diag screen shows used opengl driver vendor/renderer/version

      - nds: emulates hinge folded/closed (game window wm_poschanged/isiconic check)

      - gba/cheat: fixed some unreported bugs, help: added some missing decrypt info

      - nds/cheat: supports actionreplay/codebreaker codes (freeware/gaming ver only)

      - nds/help: actionreplay/codebreaker specs (thanks kenobi and dualscreenman)

      - nds/help: added info on changing key2 seed (romctrl.15) (thanks chishm/idea)

    [​IMG] no$gba homepage