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Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by dualscreenman, Aug 21, 2007.

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    Martin Korth has released version 2.4d of his GBA and Nintendo DS emulator.
    The bulk of the update is wifi emulation, however there is a bugfix or two in the CPU emulation core and a ton of new wifi documentation.


    21 August 2007 - version 2.4d
    - debug/setup: allows to enable/disable user-debugmsg, wifi-log, and 3d-log
    - cpu: emulates undef opcode/copro exception (with warning if no bios/vector=0)
    - wifi/emu: emulates new bits in rx header, and optional auto sequence control
    - cpu/bugfix: arm ldm/stm accidently destroyed mis-alignments (on writeback)
    - wifi/help: added info on port 1C4h, and on some of the 1Bxh ports (rxstat's)
    - wifi/help: added new chapter on transmit errors and automatic ACK responses
    - wifi/help: added info on ports 1A8h,1AAh,1ACh,1AEh (bit0..12 vs. 1B0h..1BFh)
    - wifi/help: discovered new bits in RX header, added notes on MAC addresses
    - wifi/debug: allows to log all packets (with automatic comments on ieee header)
    - wifi/help: added notes on automatic sequence ctrl and auto-modified frame ctrl
    - wifi/emu: tx-engine uses new timers, and emulates length/rate/preamble timing
    - wifi/emu: emulates the various wifi counters and irqs at correct timing
    - debug/setup: memorizes if iomap window was open (if so, re-opens it on boot)
    - debug/emustop: break_requests (esc-key) take place only on current machine
    - debug/internal: replaced ds:bibos swi_retadr/haltstop/intrwait by vals:bios
    - debug/vramviewer: oam viewer supports extended obj palettes (thanks pierre)
    - debug/vramviewer: fixed engine-B palette viewer (thanks pierre for bug report)
    - dslite/help: added info on new TSC chip by AKM (new IN2, different PD bits)
    - dslite/help: added note on near-crt-quality colors and wider viewing angles
    - dslite/help: added custom change-channels-flowchart for new wifi-type3-chips
    - dslite/help: added settings at firmware[0CEh-and-up] for new wifi-type3-chips
    - dslite/xboo: updated nds-pins.gif (added new pin-positions on ds-lite board)
    - dslite/xboo: added 8 extra diodes in data lines (to prevent power-on problem)
    - dslite/help: added lite-specific wifi (W) mirrors, and unused wifi ram/ports
    - dslite/help: added the new backlight level bits in firmware user settings
    - dslite/help: added caution on DS-lite destroying wifi ports 064h and 076h
    - dslite/help: added new powerman backlight/power register (and lost mute-bit)
    - dslite/help: added ID for firmare chip 35PE20P (and supported it in ds-xboo)
    - powerman/help: added unknown bit (mutes volume to zero, if amplifier is on)
    - wifi/emu: emulates initial wifi-port settings and random register (mod 5FDh)
    - wifi/emu: emulates primary wifi irq flag stuck zero while secondary nonzero
    - wifi/emu: emulates corrected ports (004h,0ACh,0AEh,0B0h,0B4h)
    - wifi/emu: emulates new ports (210h, 05Ch/06Ch, 062h/064h) and new mirrors
    - wifi/help: added rx/tx signal/timing charts (rfu pins, aka 19Ch bits)
    - wifi/help: added specs/cautions on primary wifi irq flag (2000214h.Bit24)
    - wifi/help: added new mirrors (on read from 0ACh,0AEh,20Ch,21Ch,298h,2A8h,2B0h)
    - wifi/help: added notes/info on ports 038h,19Ch,214h,21Ch and on W_CONFIG_140h
    - wifi/help: new bits 0EAh.1,008h.13/14 004h.14); extra-TX ports 118h,0EEh,090h
    - wifi/help: corrected ports 004h,0ACh,0AEh,0B0h,0B4h and txstat.bit12-13
    - wifi/help: added info on new ports (110h, 210h, 05Ch/06Ch, 062h/064h)
    - wifi/help: fixed tx_hdr: rate 8bit (not 16bit) defaults to 1Mbit/s if invalid
    - wifi/help: added new bits: port004h.bit0 tx_master, 008h.bit15 beacon_irq1
    - wifi/help: major updates in timers chapter (reloads, IRQ13/14/15, 22MHz, etc)
    - nds/help: pinouts for nds LCD sockets, wifi RFU boards, and powerman chips
    - gui: mousewheel support (win98 or dos/ctmouse) (thanks jasper/idea, tilo/hw)
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