No current way to downgrade 11.4 or Install emunand?

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  1. SwiftZacXeed

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    Jul 3, 2017
    So... I own an old version 3DS XL running on 11.4. Is there no known way to downgrade 11.4 OR Install a custom firmware on 11.4,preferably EmuNAND?
  2. ashudow

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    Apr 14, 2017
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    Downgrading 11.4 is impossible without CFW
    But INSTALLING CFW is possible with 11.4 either through:
    -The DSiWare method, which requires a 3DS/2DS with CFW and the one you want to put CFW on with stock firmware
    -The Hardmod method, which requires a hardmod and some utilities
    -NTRBOOTHAX, which has not been released, but will allow people to put Custom Firmware on their 3DS'es like its going to the bathroom. It will need a small magnet, a DS/DSi flashcart and another 3DS/2DS with CFW OR A Powersaves device, which is frequently used for cheats, but is also used for other methods of stuff
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  3. Lilith Valentine

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    Sep 13, 2009
    First things first, downgrading and emuNANDs are no longer required
    To install a hack on 11.4 you have a few options
    1: Wait for magnethax. This method is in testing and requires a flashcart to be flashed with the NTRBOOTHAX firmware. This will require either a hacked system or some other means of getting a pre-flashed cart
    2: dsiware transfer from an already hacked 3DS. Method is explained in detail on The Guide, but it does require an already hacked system. It also requires buying an exploitable game from the eShop on that exploited system.
    3: Hardmod, requires soldering and explained in the The Guide
    4: Sell your system and buy an exploitable system. Every system on the market should be at least on 11.3 or below.
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