No backup SD card data. Lost SD card with Luma hacked O3DS. Where should I start to fix this?

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  1. tamo4

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    May 24, 2019
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    My new SD card reader screwed up.

    When I try to copy some .cia file onto SD card on the new PC, the new card reader screwed up and destroy my SD card.
    Thus, I lost the entire data of my 32GB SD card. My old 3DS is already installed, Luma CFW, now when I turn on 3DS, "Failed to Apply 1 Firm Patch(es)" message shows up and can't boot.
    I can boot as Godmode9 by holding the START button with power, but, I don't know where to start to fix my 3DS.

    Copying the latest Luma boot.firm onto the root of the SD card does not help.
    Could you give me advice?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. botik

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    Sep 22, 2017
    Delete boot.firm of CTRNAND through godmod9
  3. KleinesSinchen

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    Mar 28, 2018
    Why? If the 3DS does not find a boot.firm anywhere, it will refuse to turn on. "Blue LED on – fading off – nothing"
    Putting latest Luma boot.firm is the solution for the problem (and updating boot.firm on the NAND after that as a failsafe).

    If it still loads an (oudated) boot.firm from CTRNAND, the file on the SD cannot be found/read because it is missing/corrupted/wrong filesystem. Make sure you have – if using Windows – turned on the file extensions in explorer. A file named "boot.firm.firm" is no good.

    Being able to start GodMode9 is actually helpful. Try if you can open the drive
    [0:] SDCARD
    (and what files are visible if it opens).

    Other than that: Time to check the SD. Use an SD reader/writer known to work properly to eliminate a possible source of error.
    1. Reformat the SD to FAT32, 32kb cluster size, if bigger than 32GB and using Windows with guiformat.
    2. Check your SD Windows, Linux, OS X.
      • If you get any errors replace the SD.
      • If you get no errors put boot.firm on the SD and try again.

    If it does not work, also try a with different, FAT32 formatted SD.
  4. tamo4

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    May 24, 2019
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    Thank you @KleinesSinchen for the constructive feedback.
    I will try that.
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  5. tamo4

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    May 24, 2019
    United States
    Use GUIFORMT for format SD card on Win10.
    Tested formatted SD card on Mac.

    Download the latest luma
    • Copy boot.firm onto the root of SD card

    Download the latest godmode9
    • Copy /gm9 folder to the root
    • Copy /elf folder to the root (needed?)
    • Copy GodMode9.firm into /luma/payloads

    I can boot from Luma now!


    Now I need to research how I can enable Homebrew.
    I follow Finalizing Setup - 3DS Hacks page.
    Section III - Homebrew Launcher.
    After "switch the hb. title to the current app." and re-launch Download Play app will crash as "An expection occured"

    I researched, and found
    boot.3dsx need to be placed on root of the SD card, HB can launch now.

    Here is current progress.

    Thanks so much!
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