Nitrotracker v0.4

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Jul 11, 2008

Nitrotracker v0.4 by Narin at 4:59 AM (1,845 Views / 0 Likes) 0 replies

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    Nitrotracker v0.4
    Intuitive, tracker-style sequencing with a stylus!


    Nitrotracker v0.4
    NitroTracker is a FastTracker II style tracker for the Nintendo DS. If you didn't understand that, you might want to read up on trackers. For starters, NitroTracker is a versatile tool for creating music - everywhere! It supports the popular XM file format that is used by many PC trackers and that can be played on many PC audio players such as Winamp or XMMS.

    Screen Shots


    The ever popular FastTracker II style tracker for the Nintendo DS, NitroTracker has been updated.
    The creator Tobias Weyand has added a lot of new features and enhancements including support for loops, drawable volume envelopes, and multi-sample instruments. Also a channel Solo/Mute feature has also been introduced.

    Creator Tobias Weyand writes:

    I wanted to tell you that I just released NitroTracker v0.4 with lots of new features and improvements, the coolest ones being sample looping and stylus-drawable volume envelopes. You can basically just record a sound, make it loop, draw an envelope, and there you have your instant instrument.

    The main new features
    • Loops
    • Volume Envelopes (Drawable)
    • Multi-Sample Instruments
    • Channel Mute / Solo

    Lots of tiny improvements

    There's hardly a part of the program that wasn't touched since the last release. I've paid a lot of attention to detail in order to make NitroTracker an easy and convenient to use, yet powerful mobile tracker. Some of these changes are:
    • Wav saving
    • Free ram indicator
    • Sample preview
    • The file browser remembers recent folders and files
    • Improved XM player
    • Volume Column Editing
    • Sample Panning
    • Improved left handed mode

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Project Website
    [​IMG] Documentation

    [​IMG] Discussion Topic

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