NitroStream/NTR CFW Unable to read from transport connection?

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    Dec 24, 2015
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    (Firmware 11.5.0-38 U) New 3DS XL
    After using the latest version (2.9) of Boot NTR Selector by Nanquitas to launch NTR CFW 3.6, there is a blue screen to confirm initialization of NTR before I visit a blank slot on my 3DS Home Menu and press x+y to load configuration options, then enable the debugger as suggested. It says that debugging has already been activated, so I start NitroStream on Windows 10 and try to connect with these settings (IP address excluded).
    The top screen of my New 3DS XL will flash blue+purple and nothing happens.

    Nitro settings.jpg

    As you can see, NTR Viewer/Nitro Stream and my New Nintendo 3DS refuse to send video.

    "Unable to read data from the transport connection: A blocking operation was interrupted by a call to WSACancelBlockingCall."

    I have tried disabling two antivirus utilities aside from Windows Defender and doubt that NitroStream doesn't have permission to connect with only basic security running, so I don't think that the WSACancelBlockingCall is caused by my computer ignoring incoming connections.
    I can wirelessly access the New 3DS XL via WinSCP/FTPD in an instant, browsing directories without interruptions.
    If only NTR streaming were working so flawlessly...

    Here are the contents of my NTR Viewer folder

    Nitro stream.jpg

    I replaced the files NitroSteam.exe and Octokit.dll of at with ones from the latest here

    I would love to know where I've gone wrong. Thanks for your support.
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  2. NekoMichi

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    After your N3DS flashes blue/purple, close down Nitro Stream, reopen it, then click connect again (all the while, do not reboot the N3DS or anything). Sometimes Nitro Stream does start the stream but doesn't display it on your PC and you need to restart it.

    If all else fails, try using Kit-Kat instead of Nitro Stream.
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