(Nintendont) Strange freezing at the great boggly tree in Pm:ttyd...

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    Aug 25, 2014
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    I'm playing pm:ttyd and the game freezes at the part in chapter 2 where you have 101 punies and they fight the second jabie hoard. Let me explain this better.... The punies will fight the jabies, probably win or lose,(if they lose I got to go back in) but if they win, they'll go in the fortress and destroy it. then they come out, the controller no longer responds but everything in the game is still moving. I'm using a gc controller, and this is on my wii. I'm thinking of trying a earlier revision, since someone had a similar problem with dolphin's latest version doing something similar to them in chapter 2. Edit: I just realized it's my controller... god I feel like an idiot. A mod can delete this.