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    Jun 26, 2018
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    Hi guys, I would first of all like to apologize if my post is in the wrong place. I've been scouting these forums anonymously for a while and finally decided to make a post, since your community seems so helpful. To cut to the chase, I am having the (seemingly common) infinite loading screen issue with Nintendogs + Cats. I've tried all the possible solutions I can make sense of online - with no avail.

    For some context, I softmodded my Old Nintendo 3DS console using the Seedminer Hack. It worked brilliantly and I now have a CFW and access to things like Homebrew, Luma3DS, FreeShop and FBI. I used FreeShop to get some games and Nintendogs + Cats was one of the first ones I decided to download. It didn't work, I had the infinite loading error. I looked online and found that others were having luck with finding a .cia version of the game and rooting it to their SD card, using FBI to install it. I did this, the install was successful but yet again - the same error. I found this guide to enable region and language emulation, followed it and still, no game...

    Enable region/language emulation and external .code: Enables the following two features:
    • The region/language emulation feature allows some games which need a specific language to be set to work, and DLCs for foreign games to load. To use it:
      • Create a folder named locales inside luma.
      • Create a .txt file with game's title id as the name.
      • Inside the file,
        • Put 3 characters for the region ("JPN", "USA", "EUR", "AUS", "CHN", "KOR", "TWN").
        • Put an empty space.
        • Put 2 characters for the language ("JP", "EN", "FR", "DE", "IT", "ES", "ZH", "KO", "NL", "PT", "RU", "TW").
      • For example, to play Pokémon™ Y in Japanese language and region:
        • Create 0004000000055E00.txt.
        • Put in JPN JP.
        • Save.
    • The external .code feature allows you to use patched binaries for games. To use it:
      • Create a folder named code_sections inside luma.
      • Obtain a patched code.bin for the game, and rename it with game's title id as the file name
      • For example, to use a patched binary with Pokémon™ Y, rename it to 0004000000055E00.bin.

    I've pondered the thought of just having a broken file, but surely this cannot be the case since I've not only downloaded from FreeShop but have manually found another .cia file and still had the same problem? I could be wrong.

    I'm not really sure what to do from here, FYI - I have downloaded other games through the .cia and FreeShop methods and they've worked. I'm using Luma3DS v9.0 and B9S. Any assistance is appreciated.
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    Jun 26, 2018
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    No replies, so I ended up going a different route and fixing this problem myself. I'll post it here for anyone who finds this forum post, searching for a solution themselves. Mod, feel free to close this thread after this reply - thanks.

    To begin, you'll need the following:
    • A game in .3ds format. You could find it already in .cia format, but I found this isn't always successful.
    • Your Nintendo 3DS with access to Decrypt9WIP. If you don't have that download it (can be found on GitHub, I apologize since I'm not able to post links!) Unzip the file and extract Decrypt9.bin to luma/payloads on your SD card, rename the file to x_Decrypt9.bin
    • Download Decrypted 3DS Roms to CIA Converter, unzip to desktop.

    • First and foremost, assuming you have already followed the instructions above to put Decrypt9 on your SD card, you'll need to put the .3ds file on your SD card ready for decryption. To do this, create a file named D9Game on the root and put the game in there.
    • With the SD card inside the 3DS, boot up by holding the X key THEN the power button, this should bring you to Decrypt9.
    • Once in Decrypt9, go to Content Decryptor Options > NCCH/NCSD File Options > NCCH/NCSD Decryptor then the software will decrypt the game for you.
    • Power off and put your SD card into your PC, go back to your D9Game folder and find the file you put in there earlier (It will still be a .3ds file, this is ok).
    • Put the file into the Decrypted 3DS Roms to CIA Converter folder that you unzipped to the desktop earlier, once in there drag it to 3dsconv.exe and the conversion to .cia should begin.
    • After this, you'll find the .cia game in the same folder, put this on your SD card (preferably the root, or a place easy for you to find) and insert into your 3DS.
    • Run FBI, find the .cia file you just put onto your SD card, choose the "Install and Delete CIA" function. Exit FBI after the install and your game should appear on the home menu.
    I cannot guarantee this will work for every game, but after hours of work and many downloads, this seemed to be the only way I could successfully get my game to boot. Lots of D9W tutorials were long winded and complicated to understand so I tried to reword them in the quickest and easiest way possible, thanks!

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    Can confirm this solution works, where no locale patching(?) did. For those using Godmode9 you can just build a .cia immediately from your .3ds file, and immediately install with FBI.
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