Nintendo Wii U Experience in Washington DC

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    EDIT: Its too late now. Tis a shame, someone here could have gone. Oh well its isnt too long til launch anyway.

    Club Nintendo sent me an email inviting me to a chance attend a preview event for the Wii U on the 29th.After registering I got 3 extra codes to give out. One I gave to my gf. However we are now unable to attend and I have 2 left. I'll PM them to anybody who can guarantee they'll be able to go. At least that way they won't go to waste and someone here can enjoy it. Here's the info on it:

    I sent an email to the organizer asking if one of my guests can come without me. Here is the response:
    So I'm assuming I'll have to provide the names of the takers in a response. Recording footage is encouraged so maybe someone here can lots of good stuff to share.

    Heres the site for it
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    I am available to go right now! Do you still have extra access codes?