Nintendo Wii Sun Driver

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    * support the last BCA check
    * plug and play,100% solderless
    * come with A.I. Boot to auto choose region, support JAP/USA/KOR/EUR all regions perfectly,100% smart and play & play!
    * support all old and last wiis
    * support D5/D9 games
    * support homebrew roms
    * support GC games
    * support all Wii games with same region
    * support partial Wii games with different region
    * come with LED indication on board
    * support USB update CPLD core and EEPROM firmware, never out day
    * come with external switch configure board, can change the SUNDRIVER setting and not need open your Wii anymore
    * support use PC to select game via USB port
    * support NGC game menu, can select game via a nicely GUI, and support Wii console RESET & EJECT button to operate, or use NGC game pad
    * running speed: >8X
    * support IDE HD + CF memory media, or SATA HD, up to 2000GByte, can store up to 424 games in your HD totally
    * data transfer : USB 2.0 high speed, transfer one D5 ISO just need 3:30~5:00 minutes
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