Nintendo Wii (2006): No Output/Remotes Won't Sync

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    Oct 1, 2013
    Hello all,
    My beloved Wii (from launch in 2006) has recently passed away, however I am looking into any chance of resurrection.
    In the past, it had been softmodded but only so far as to install 'The Homebrew Channel' and a modded mIOS to play DVD-R backups. As of about 2 years ago, all of that was removed by choice and it was restored completely to factory settings.

    Recently however, the Wii has been turning on but without any form of output. The disks do eject, but there's no video, no sound and Wii remotes refuse to connect.

    I'd appreciate any tips, however I have tried the console on different TV's, unplugged and waited vast amounts of time, etc. I'm not sure what other option there is.

    In the worst case scenario, is it worth buying a used Wii/new Wii of eBay to play all my games, or should I wait until December to buy a Wii U?

    Many thanks, GBAtemp community.