Nintendo to pull their mobile titles from Belgium due to micro-transaction laws

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    Thank you very much for the very succinct metaphor. If Nintendo really wanted people in Belgium to play their games, they'd sell them without mousetraps. Sadly, Nintendo is just getting worse. Why bother making fun games when you can make addictive games?

    That's the thing about several countries in Asia, AFAIK. They seem to have very little problem with gambling. I find it sort of ironic, too. China and other countries in the region don't seem to see the parallels between drug abuse and gambling, even though the symptoms are so similar. And it was drug abuse that fundamentally brought China to its knees and resulted in them having such a brutal anti-drug policy. It'd seem blatantly obvious for national security reasons why you'd never want to risk that sort of addiction being in the hands of a potential foreign power.
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    Such a mixed topic. lol
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    yeah hopefully Gamevice gave up by now (Unless they want their office the victim of arson) but in my mind nintendo needs to be put in their place,also i'm saddened nintendo took the easy way out and pulled the games instead of just removing the micros
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    That feeling you get in Fire Emblem Heroes after wasting all 130 orbs and getting mostly dupe heroes at 4 star rarity (Why does 4 star rarity have HIGHER rates than 3 star rarity!? That makes no sense!)… That is a true feeling of despair… I do like the game, but the gatcha system ends up making me feel bad for wasting the time I spent gathering those spheres of misery…

    Even if you were to purchase orbs, that doesn’t give you any benefits for doing it in the first place! You use those purchased orbs to summon only to get yet again the most common heroes that you have gotten 15 times already! You just effectively wasted actual money for nothing! You still get a consolation for it, but that does not justify the fact that you wasted your money!

    Those who invest money into a "slowly acquired currency" that you can already get for free just by waiting or playing should at the very least get a benefit over those getting it for free, such as guaranteeing a top tier item or character on your next roll! I almost never spend money on in game currency used primarily for gatcha unless it raises the chances of getting rare content CONSIDERABLY! Otherwise it is just a waste of money.

    Sorry if I rambled on too long, but that is how I feel about gatcha, and needless to say, I agree with Belgium disallowing the use of micro-transactions in gatcha based video games, but I think that instead of banning the games altogether, the option to purchase the currency should just be removed completely and let players continue playing the games and acquiring currency for free the same way it has been!
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    In the moment more countries follows, you have this 'bullthing' removed from games.

    And Nintendo fair sure, Nintendo was always fair from Wii to back in the times, buy something, get something full. THAT was fair.
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    You know... Because sideloading games via Cydia and .apk files isn't a thing, right? :rolleyes:
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    I am a bit sad for all the F2P players like me who never spent a single dime on the game (heroes) in Belgium and yet see all their hard work end like this. I agree that microtransactions are not the best business model but it leaves open for other players to enjoy a game without having to pay a hefty price to see if you like it or not. The problem is people who don't spend responsibly and do complain for their not thought out well purchases, as for the children, yeah they shouldn't be allowed to play these types of games until they are responsible but that is more fault from the person (not)supervising them. As for why Nintendo probably didn't remove microtransaction purchasing like other games, they probably are scared it would still leave them open for unknown lawsuits in a place that isn't going to give them anymore revenue as an incentive to keeping the service there. well this is all just my opinion at least. Like I said, I feel sad to people losing access to these games since especially they are intriguing and challenging games (at least emblem is) that no money is necessary to enjoy. Again IMO.
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    That's good. Those should be free. I don't support games on Mobile. The games are mean to be for Consoles to purchase. I don't like playing games on Mobile like Super Mario Run. I wish Super Mario Run run on Switch. It would be neat. Just sayin.
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    Why not make in-game currency easier to collect? I hate that I have to use a VPN to install some games
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    Next game to close: Pokemon GO :D

    Buy incubators: put egg in, you don't know what pokémon you get = Gamble
    Buy incense: You don't know what pokémons you get from it = Gamble
    Buy Lure modules and use them on Pokestops: You don't know what pokémons you het = Gamble

    If you say, you don't buy a lootbox and open it so it isn't gambling, cause you know what you buy above (incense/lure/incubator)?
    - Buy a scratch lotto biljet, you don't gamble, but the momment you scratch the silver layer away, you gamble
    - The moment you put an egg in the incubator you bought, you gamble, cause you don't know what you get from the egg

    So Pokémon GO should be affected aswell (as future Niantic Games like Harry Potter i guess)

    I know you don't have to buy and can use the free coins you can earn, but the same goes for Fire Emblem Heroes and Animall Crossing Mobile
    (I collected over 1000 Orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes (not payed 1 cent), now i'm forced to use them all before the game stops working, just because to know what i get from every day collecting my free orbs :P )
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    Seeing the early reviews of mario kart go that it's entirely pay to win and you even have to pay for gas, all i can say is good riddance