Nintendo to introduce hardware copy protection

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    Nintendo to introduce hardware copy protection
    Copy protection
    Nintendo to introduce hardware copy protection.

    Isoru Iwata announced measures to counteract piracy. The company intends to implement hardware in the modules. The company said it is losing a lot of money due to piracy. Also Nintendo will start to sue companies and other offenders. "We acted quite late", Iwata said. It will be a challenge for Nintendo to maintain compatibility.
    Source: Interview given to Handelsblatt

    German Text:
    Nintendo führt Kopierschutz beim Nintendo DS ein
    von Axel Postinett

    Nintendo hat damit begonnen, Spiele für Nintendo DS und DSi mit einem Kopierschutz zu versehen. Das erklärte Satoru Iwata, Präsident von Nintendo, im Gespräch mit dem Handelsblatt. Damit soll der massiven Verbreitung von Raubkopien begegnet werden. Zudem kündigte Iwata an, auch juristisch gegen Raubkopierer vorzugehen.
    Ein Nintendo DS. Der japanische Spielekonzern leidet massiv unter der starken Verbreitung von Raubkopien für das mobile Spielegerät. Quelle: ReutersLupe

    Ein Nintendo DS. Der japanische Spielekonzern leidet massiv unter der starken Verbreitung von Raubkopien für das mobile Spielegerät. Quelle: Reuters

    LOS ANGELES: Hintergrund für die Einführung des Kopierschutzes ist ein massives Ansteigen der Raubkopien in den vergangenen Monaten. Der Kopierschutz wird zunächst als Hardware auf der Spiele-Speicherkarte integriert sein. Alle Nachfolgemodelle nach der DSi werden auch über einen neuen zusätzlichen Kopierschutz im Gerät verfügen. "Wir haben etwas spät reagiert", räumte Iwata ein.Eine der großen Herausforderungen werde sein, die Kompatibilität mit kommenden Hardwaregeneration mit den Vorgängern sicherzustellen.

    Die Gameboy-Nachfolger Nintendo DS und DSi wurden zusammen weltweit bisher rund 100 Mio. mal verkauft. In jüngster Zeit tauchen immer mehr Adapterkarten im Format des Gameslots der DS-Modelle auf, die dann mit einer MicroSD-Karte versehen und mit kopierter Software aus Tauschbörsen gefüllt werden. Die Konsole akzeptiert diese Karte dann wie das Original. In Zukunft soll das nicht mehr der Fall sein, weil die kopierte Software den Hardwareschutz des Originalspeichers nicht findet und nicht mehr startet. Besonders weit verbreitet ist das Raubkopierproblem bei der DS in südeuropäischen Ländern und Asien. "Wir verlieren massiv Umsatz", so ein Softwarehersteller, der ungenannt bleiben wollte, gegenüber dem Handelsblatt.

    Nintendo hat laut Iwata ebenfalls damit begonnen, Anbieter der Adapterkarten systematisch zu verklagen.

    Source: Handelsblatt (German)

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    Thanks tempbot~!
    it sure is not a good sign for pirates
    that makes me wonder the new black colour wii will it have some sort of new hardware protection
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    I dont quite understand. This means consoles wont be hackable or the media games are on?
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    Sorry, clicked "go" too swiftly.

    Nintendo is introducing copy protection for the ds and dsi due to massive increas in piracy in the last months. The copy protection will be implemented in the modules in the first step. All models following the dsi will have copy protection implemented in the hardware itself
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    Yeah because iwata and miyamoto's bank acount's aren't full already.
  6. raing3

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    Apr 2, 2009
    Thanks for the information, Nintendo's definitely doing a lot about piracy now in comparison to when the DS was first released. As they admitted they were a bit slow to amend these issues, but with every protection that is made there will always be people trying to break it.
  7. elixirdream

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    i am looking forward on how nintendo will fight piracy

    i just wonder how are they going to block the flash card on DS
    detect any unofficial cart = brick?

    true.. the introduce of usbloader and etc in the past few months had really cause nintendo tons of $$$
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    Thanks Shebang, personally, I blame the R4 Clones...
    People will find a way around it, but thanks to the R4/clones being cheaper than al of nintendo's games... its not hard to see why..
  9. Sp33der

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    May 31, 2008
    So what about the sales? Most peepz now just buy a ds just because you can pirate easily,don't they D:?
  10. Maz7006

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    Aug 2, 2008
    Not just R4 clones, but the relative cheap-ness of all flashcards, plus their ease of use. Wow Nintendo is on fire...
  11. elixirdream

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    May 27, 2008
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    the hardware sales will drop for sure, especially on the asia side [​IMG]
  12. alucard77

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    What a waste of time on Nintendo's part. The cycle will begin again. Let me look into the future for a second. Here are posts in the next two years:

    1- Ohh shit, my DS won't play copied games, could it be the HW detection!?!
    2- HW Detection confirmed, Big N blocking games
    3- Possible hack discovered
    4- Possible hacked deemed to be a fake
    5- 5000 posts on, is the hack a fake?
    6- 1 sticky, hack is a fake
    7- 5000 posts on, when will the new DS be hacked
    8- New hack surfaces with video
    9- 5000 posts saying video is fake
    10- Company coming out with Chip to trick HW, release date to be determined
    11- 5000 posts saying chip is fake
    12- Company gives date on chip
    13- 5000 people pre order chip
    14- Chip is delayed 2 months
    15- 5000 people bitching about delay, and saying company stole money from them
    16- Company provides refunds to 1000 people who ask for them
    17- Chip comes out and Works!
    18- 1000 posts of people pissed that chip is sold out and they have to wait for back order
    19- Second company comes out with chip to statisify need
    20- 5000 posts debating which chip is better
    21- More chips released
    22- SW mod eventually released
    23- 3 years go by, and Nintendo/Sony/MS announce new protection.
    24- Go back to step 1.

    This does not include any N00B postings.

    God, I don't think I can go through that all again.
  13. Rayder

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    They say "after" the DSi, eh? Well then I'm safe. I don't intend to buy another Ninty handheld after the DSlite. Once our little free ride on the DSlite is over, I'm done.
  14. silent sniper

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    Jan 3, 2008
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    woooooooooww, what a dick!

    why the fuck should i have to pay $50-70 for a video game? fuck you nintendo, as long as you're being unfair, i'm gonna keep pirating.
  15. Hop2089

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    Jan 31, 2008
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    That sucks only because I won't be able to play some good homebrew games. I buy all commercial games that I want but I am a sucker for good Homebrew games.
  16. pppppooooo

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    Jun 5, 2009
    Stop blaming pirates, and start blaming the companies that make SHITTY games.

    There's like OVER 9000!!!!! of these shitty horse/pony/dog/cat games.

    Don't know why Nintendo cries about this... There still on top of sales. When they start losing to Sony then that's when you should start crying.
  17. shakirmoledina

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    dont blame nintendo for doing all this... buying the game whether the price is high or not cannot be an excuse...
    sure if u can pirate many do tht... i suggest buying when u can (this is actually an excuse for me)
    but expect to see something noticeable in this move
  18. cosmiccow

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    I don't really think it will be a very good protection. Maybe they're just announcing that because they get pressure from publishers.

    But if it really would turn out to be unhackable or too hard to hack, I'd probably play even more old games then I do now.. just so I don't have to mess with some crappy copy protection (although unrelated - StarForce anyone?).

    Most of my "new" games I only bought because I could play them so easily. Sometimes I try out a game, am bored after five minutes and turn it off. Then it sits a few months on my SD card, I play it again, turns out I love it, and I go out to buy it.
  19. Islay

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    Dec 15, 2008
    Any ps1 game is better the any Ds game, ff7 on the psp only 10 euro, better looking then any DS game, easy to download and 3-4 time cheaper.
    it's the middle man that increases the price of game, not just the company who make it.

    at least big N is trying for once, thought it will fail till they make DS games 4-8 gb or more.
  20. Trolly

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    Behind you! I know you looked!
    To be honest, I almost feel like I'd appreciate my games more if I bought them, I partially think Nintendo would be doing us a favour (though I'm sure a good few of you are having financial trouble, so it wouldn't be so great for you).