NINTENDO: The firm deploys great ways to fight piracy!

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  1. Flora Cherry

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    Mar 2, 2014
    The firm deploys great ways to fight piracy!
    While Nintendo had rather resisted the piracy in recent years, by simply patching its consoles, the firm has just changed its policy and is investing massively in the fight against hackers. After closing most of the sites that offered the ROMS of the Nintendo games for download, the Kyoto firm has just launched a large recruitment campaign to populate its new division of cyber-security experts. It is the Nintendo Technology development entity that has been looking for qualified people in console piracy, and in the development of protections.

    The position specifies that the employee should be an expert in piracy, reverse engineering, but also be able to assess the flaws of current and future systems. The post is located at Nintendo Of America in Redmond, and if you ever have that kind of skill, you can apply for this address. So it would seem that homebrew software creators will have more trouble with officer, while hardware vulnerabilities such as the Switch, should no longer exist on future consoles of the brand. nintendo-artwork-5b98f3f816575.

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    I would but I am from Chile ;o;

    but others might apply. Finally ninty, this is the way to go.
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    So Nintendo and Nvidia knew of the flaw in the hardware before release, So why not fix it before release?
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    "After closing most of the sites that offered the ROMS of the Nintendo games for download"
    What? They barely made a dent. Went after the lowest hanging fruit when they were in a continent sized orchard.
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    And you can even still pluck some of the lowest-hanging fruit if you know what to do... There are ways around the now barred gates of Paradise.

    But, I'm genuinely surprised that Ninty has always been so slow to react like this. Though when they do, it's usually pretty heavy.
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    Yep. Just go to a torrent website and download it.
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    I'm surprised, this is a non translation job that Nintendo is willing to let non Japanese work on.

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    LOL no, doesn't work like that, I'm sure they already had people working in system security, there's always a flaw somewhere.

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    There are known flaws/vulnerabilitys in pretty much everything, look up any language, or framework, or pretty much any hardware, you'll find a list of security patches, and normally there is a currently known vulnerability that they are working on, just theyer not talking about it yet.

    Also in the end, Nintendo does all this to calm down stockholders fear of a pirate apocalypse, really I doubt they give a shit about piracy, such a small number of people pirate, security probably ends up costing them a LOT more.
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    I'd imagine that kind of position would pay decently, but....yeah, pass.
  9. leon315

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    Nov 27, 2013
    WELL, they 've just eliminate some of rom sites, but Ninty can't exterminate them all, all [insert console name here]isos sites are still alive! Now the more Ninty recruits the cyber-security experts, the more talented Crackers will join :)

    A invisible war between Worldwide best hackers vs Ninty has just begun, Piracy vs Legit, Greed vs Honesty, Dark or Light, Will Switch survive in this wild unforgiven Sea full stringy-greedy pirates? Which side will you pick XD???

    p.s. OMG, i could make a fucking film with this shit.
  10. kuwanger

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    Good for Nintendo. I mean, not good for the probable reason they're doing this or the probable net effect, but good for Nintendo. Maybe in the future we won't have to worry that some nefarious person can put up a web page/ad and brick Switch systems.