Nintendo Switch: Ready to Embrace E-Sports?

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    There will be two video game tournaments for "Arms" and for "Splatoon 2" at E-3 this year. This is the first to we will get to see the Nintendo Switch's E-Sports abilities shown off. Recently in a interview with Bill Mooney, Chief Product Officer at Skillz, (The worlds leading Mobile E-Sports company) had this to say:

    There are three key components that make a game into an eSport: competition, tournaments, and spectatorship.
    I'm looking forward to seeing how Nintendo will address each of these areas with the Switch.

    It's possible that the technology which Nintendo pioneers will be focused on the "hardcore" eSports audience, whether it's performance and interfaces or high-end graphics. The eSports industry is ripe for innovation, and a well-established company like Nintendo is primed to make a significant contribution to the ecosystem.

    Looking at Nintendo's existing offerings, the Wii is arguably a specialist console. I think it really blew people away by appealing to a new demographic many people hadn't even considered, and the Switch has the potential to provide this kind of value as well. I see Nintendo not only aiming to legitimize the Switch with hardcore eSports players, but also performing a similar service for console users as Skillz is doing for mobile users: making eSports available to everyone.

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    E-Sports is a ever growing industry that is being fuelled by streaming services like "Twitch" and has already become prominent in the "Pokemon" franchise but has yet to bleed out Much onto other Nintendo games. Will we see more E-Sports from Nintendo in the coming years?
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