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    May 3, 2017
    I was thinking about this recently: Would it be possible to upload (and download) your Nintendo Switch Online - Save Data Cloud Backup files on your PC?

    You see, back in March 2017 I did not buy a Switch since I did not have the money at the time and I did not find the launch titles (outside of Zelda) very interesting. I did play Zelda on my Wii U though (over 100 hours), but never actually finished it. Now that I do own a Switch (bought it in June this year and it is vulnerable to the Tegra X1 exploit), I would like to continue playing this save on my Switch (even if this means I have to buy the game again), but unfortunately there is no official way to transfer your save cross platform. In the end I dumped my Wii U save and used a tool to convert it to a Switch save. I also bought a RCM-jig, but never actually used it to run Checkpoint to import my save. It is the only Switch I have and I don’t want it to get banned and I'm too paranoid to run the Homebrew Menu.

    So this is why I thought it would be a perfect solution to upload/download saves from/to a PC, so I would be able to send my Wii U save file to Nintendo’s server without having to launch the Homebrew Menu. The one thing that sucks though is that I would first need to encrypt it I guess, so I would need a console unique key. Would I be able to dump this key by using a program that runs on boot, (not an .nro file since it needs to boot the Switch’s firmware with patches to enable the Homebrew Menu), something similar to biskeydump or something?
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