Nintendo President Suggests that It Might Abandon Home Console Development

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    That is not really diversifying as much as switching.

    Also they tried quality of life thing. We are all still laughing at the pulse monitor.
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    That's some top tier clickbait.
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    I read it, and regarding the "Clickbait" and the "Dark Days" note, why would they continue with home consoles if they can make the new console portable and connect to the television like Switch? If they made the Switch, why go backwards?
    And as far as I'm concerned, you saying "Dark Days" is basically saying the Switch is Dark Days because it's not considered a home console? At this point, does it matter since it connects to the television and etc. nonetheless?

    Now regarding, what was ACTUALLY SAID, it sounds like he's LITERALLY saying they won't make home consoles, they will make more Switch-based consoles that can go on the television and be a home console, bu MAKE SURE it can also go out. So they are gearing away from Home Consoles. (The disability of not being able to walk) because these days, why would that need to be a set back, especially since we have the Switch as proof of concept?

    Either way, this post was pretty pointless... xD

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    I hope you people are joking.
    Nintendo puts protection on their things because they have to. They KNOW their products will be broken apart because that is simply how people are. But they still HAVE to, even if it's not effective, even if it's not state of the art, even if it IS indeed nice security. They still HAVE to. That is not what drives them to create games, their business, their strategies or any of that. Just because their consoles get modded, yeah they will take the precaution but unless the world changes where anything they are doing is obsolete, they will continue to do what they do and just try to maybe get better protection this time. Maybe add another wall. Whatever. Still. No one is stopping their console development because of hackers. Seriously. It's ALMOST below them completely.
    And I don't want to hear any stupid arguments about Nintendo taking down ROM sharing websites. I don't want to hear it and that is also off topic.
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    Nintendoomed. If the 3DS was so popular where is the 3DS2?
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    Switch = 3DS2
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    (Yes this is a one word reply. Feels justified)
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    nintendo going full mobile confirmed :creep:
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    Clickbait title 9000...

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    Considering how badly Nibtendo has done in mobile and that the Switch been selling more than Nintendo had expected about a year ago, this statement seems custom tailor made so people don't stop buying Nintendo terrible mobile games.
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    you mean that zelda game we had to wait an entire console generation to play and all it was, was a massive map with repetetive shrines, no story and randomised quests?

    mario a similar thing, open world rinse repeat collect star and move on?

    well done give yourself a pat on the back because you named 2 titles, one sucked arse, even as a zelda fan BOTW was a very piss poor attempt at trying to do an open world game.

    Mario, well its always been the same shit just prettier graphics.

    but regardless, nintendo are being ever more lazy on the switch porting the same old titles over to it, only the devoted fanboys are defending (as the always do), using the excuse ohh maybe you didnt play it on the wii u...... well i can get a wii u for £30 and the game likely £10..... what incentive is their to pay £280 and then £50 for the same crap ported.

    you expect this from third parties since nintendo's last system again being a cheap inferior machine, coudnt run anything much more than what the PS3 could do, and theyve been there done that and its time to move on..... hence the real reason why the wii u failed, as usual lacking third party support.

    nintendo will eventually go the same as sega, many of us have said this for a very long time, thats because nintendo have no care about consoles and havent done so for a very long time.

    all nintendo care about is how it can market cheap old inferior hardware with gimmicks to sell.

    you can walk into any game store and ask why it is that you see shelves from start of a store down to the end when it comes to microsoft and sony consoles, yet nintendo sections are just a standard rack/shelf..... says something about its lacking support.
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    No story.... Your either blind deaf or never played this game.
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