Nintendo Power Interview with Spirit Tracks Director plus new concept

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    Nintendo Power Interview with Spirit Tracks Director plus new concept art
    Nintendo Power Interview with Spirit Tracks Director plus new concept art
    The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks isn’t just another great adventure game: It’s also one of the series’s most unique installments in recent memory. With a mix of play styles ranging from conducting a train to directing a possessed suit of armor, the game holds fresh challenges and surprises for even the most experienced Zelda fans. Spirit Tracks also introduces memorable new characters, gives us a story that finally teams Princess Zelda with Link on his adventure, challenges players with some of the most demanding dungeons of any Legend of Zelda game, and debuts fun and useful new weapons and items that let Link crack a whip, whirl the wind, shift sand, and more. Many of us here at Nintendo Power are on our second playthrough and with the game fresh in our minds, we asked Daiki Iwamoto, the game’s director, to take us on a behind-the-scenes tour of his team’s latest creation....


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    Spirit Tracks was terrible, so was Phantom Hourglass. Honestly, Nintendo needs to get off their asses and make a GOOD Zelda game for the DS, none of this 3D Wind Waker style graphics and touch screen control bullshit. I didn't even finish the game it was so lame, just as bloody repetitive as PH was and no the characters are not memorable since you only deal with each one only once or twice during the game aside from the old lady in the tower and Zelda.

    Give me a remake of Link's Awakening over this new garbage any day.
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    I don't agree, I really enjoyed spirit tracks and phantom hour glass but both were good games. Im guessing you didn't like the graphics as most people tend to hate them just because of that, which is sad.

    Nintendo Power rocks!!! I miss it so much they stopped selling it where I lived so I had to change to Game informer.... not a good replacement to me.
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    People will always bitch that ONE thing is wrong, therefore, ruining the whole game.
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    Agreed. Spirit Tracks just seemed so...dumb.
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    Meh, I enjoyed the two DS Zeldas. They weren't the best, and they probably don't deserve the rave reviews they got, but they were still pretty darn good games.

    Most of my gripes came from the fact that these aren't as epic as other Zelda games (even the Wind Waker they're based off of), and believe it or not, but I found the music in both to be annoying. (Same... friggin'... dungeon... music... over... and... ever...)

    But hey, they sure as hell aren't terrible. They're still excellent. And to knock them because of their art style is just dumb. Sure, cel-shading is a passed fad, but Ninty always pulled it off nicely.

    ONTOPIC: I can never resist reading these developer interviews, especially when they involve the Zelda series. Daiki Iwamoto sure knew what he was doing with this one.