Nintendo owns sky3DS!

Discussion in 'The Edge of the Forum' started by CIAwesome526, Jul 25, 2015.

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    I know this seems silly but its true! look at this:
    任天堂 = Nintendo in Japanese
    broken down, the characters that make up 'Nintendo' mean;
    任 = Charge
    天 =
    堂 = ... 'Dou'

    Now you are probably asking:
    This is a very good question. The answer is to get rid of gateway. and sometimes it works on peepol, here is what a reel ex-gateway fan said about the Sky3DS
    Their plan didnt work too well since gateway was still popular due to being way better. But now that CFWs are free and work on the same firmwares as gateway, peeple are using CFW instead. Even some people who bought gateway are even switching over. This is actually good for nintendo since installing CIA files is a pain and can brick the system of pirates who will then pay nintendo more money for a new console. And since gateway and CFW dont work above 9.2 peepol will still buy the overpriced Sky3DS cartridge, which gives nintendo money even with all the free pirating CFWs. The Sky3DS cartridges nintendo sells barely work and dont always support the popular games people want to play, so it wont hurt nintendo as bad as gateway normally would with gateways amazing compatibility list. After about a month of using a sky3DS the cartridge will break if they weren't DOA or lost in someones home, making people buy another cartridge, which makes nintendo get even more money from just one person who wants to buy a single lousy cartridge.

    I wonder why we haven't figured this out sooner? Their plan is Great!
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    Sure, Nintendo have a Sky3DS and a Gateway too in order to find a way to block them definitely
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    Sep 19, 2013
    nintendo had flashcarts for older systems... but sadly only on japan or china or whatever asian country (you can see my rage about they having cool stuff and we don't, on this post)

    you could got to a kiosk, pay money, and charge your flashcart with games, this way games were a bit cheaper... this was the equivalent of the "download version" of that time...
    but in the old days, i think some cards didnt even allow to flash more than 1 game (at least it was very limited), meaning if you want to play a previously owned game you had to purcahse it back..
    i think it was more rental service than anything,,,
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