Nintendo owning on sales yet again

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    Latest records show that nintendo is selling alot more systems in japan again, and of course the ds is no 1 in that area with some 130,000 odd units sold this week alone.The will is in second with 75,000 units though, but something that i heard sony say before the ps3 was released in japan is that they were so confident that they could sell the system with no games at launch........i think they meant nintendo could since they have nothing out right now but still rule in sales. [​IMG]
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    right now nintendo is in the best position it's been in for YEARS. mabye since SNES!!!

    3-1 wii-ps3 sales in japan
    2-1 wii-ps3 sales in usa

    ps3 attach rate is less than 1.5
    wii attach rate is over 2

    as for handhelds, that war is over. DS sales are already double psp, and historically the market leader only increases distance in the 2nd half of the cycle. id expect DS to have about 5x more units sold than psp by the time of DS death, 4-5 years max.

    after that expect a revived 'gameboy' branded handheld to compete against psp2, and the obvious microsuck handheld 'zune with shite games'

    enjoy this next year while we can nintendo people, it wont get better then this

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    I'm suprised that the PS2 is still selling quite a but considering that everyone who wanted one must have it by now.

    The PSP can still be considered a success though, it wont take over from the DS/GBA sales but still its done a lot better than others.

    Its a shame that PS3 sells more than 360 in Japan, its clearly because of the Japanese favouring its home brand but the 360 has much better games and has the best 3rd party support of the consoles.
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    The wii has no real competition. The games for the wii at the moment arn't brilliant but its a very original idea especially with the wiimote. The PS3 costs way too much money and I don't like being forced into going with blu ray to watch all my movies and also to rebuy all my DVD collection.
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    Agreed there with the above, those are some of those primary reasons why Wii is where it is and PS3 where it stagnates. Even if there were a lot of spectacular 'gamer' type titles for PS3 it still would dog as that $600silver bullet is just too much even against the $400 360 out there. Problem is Sony isn't in a position to match MS in pricing so they're stuck, and with 360 bagging most what was Sony exclusivity away it just makes it all the more tempting to treat Sony like sony fanboys crapped on Nintendo for the last 10 years.

    PS2 selling as it is though is of no surprise. The unit is insanely cheap, the games are all $20-50 some less with the used market. Massive levels of support and the visuals aren't per-say ugly, just less detailed/complex than the $600 beast. If Sony keeps their heads about it, they'd keep that PS2 alive until the PS3 can finally do some good sales, or just keep it there to cover the issue until the next gen pops in 5 years from now.