Nintendo offers a vague statement in regards to recent Joy-Con drift issues

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  1. lincruste

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    I understand that, but they WILL fail. What I mean is: once we know Nintendo replaces the faulty parts with a better design, everybody should make the swap.
  2. samcambolt270

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    Yeah, That's pretty much what I was saying. I wouldn't be surprised if they just silently update the sticks, and dole them out to those who get drift repairs. If you don't get the drift, no problem, but if you do than you get one that wont. This way, they also get to save face, and anybody who didn't get drift probably won't ever even know that nintendo fucked up.
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    Is this one of those things that you can easily DIY fix yourself? (assuming you don't mind taking apart the Joy-Cons which I honestly would recommend having someone else do it unless if you have a white floor that will make finding dropped screws much easier) Like the problem with the PS3 just pushing random buttons all of a sudden until you take the controller apart, put some tape on this rubbery part of the controller (if I remember it right), and boom, a regular functioning controller is had again? Or is this more complex than that?
  4. samcambolt270

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    You can't "fix" it permanently, as far as we know. You're stuck using essentially the same faulty replacement sticks that are basically roulettes in whether or not they'll drift again shortly after replacement. 14 bucks for a replacement stick is still a better deal than 40 someodd for a new one that'll likely last just as long as the replacement though.
  5. Bladexdsl

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    you can send the whole bag in now free to get repaired!
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    Sep 23, 2013
    yeah I was wondering if I could see how far their free repair program extends, a few have cracks in the plastics and stuff so idk if they will be looking for any excuse to deny the free repair
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    I miss the days of Iwata, when Nintendo wasn’t a corporate bitch...
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  8. MachRc

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    Nov 30, 2017
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    Thank you nintendo and chat worth repair center for getting the joycons fixed /replaced within I sent it friday so in five days. Pretty much sent me new ones. Now to send the other set. [​IMG][​IMG]

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