Nintendo of America discontinues the NES Classic

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Chary, Apr 13, 2017.

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    Meh, to each their own. As long as people aren't recommending the Wii U VC or FCEU, that's all that matters. Nestopia still aims for accuracy and performance. NERD's efforts in the NES Classic are average at best.

    Nestopia is available on RetroArch AFAIK.
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    This might be a reason why they decided to scrap it, but guess what? If not hacking the Nes Mini is the reason, they can simply supply it with a FIXED burnt rom chip (ie no rewritable flash memory) of 30 * whatever game size equals to then BOOM problem solved. It might be hackable but there is no extra space. Or, they could simply make a proper copy protection... If copy protection hacking is a reason to scrap consoles all the DS's would be cancelled after the R4s and Acekards and gateways :)

    They simply see it as a threat to the Switch as people (well, not all of them) will not just buy everything nintendo pumps out like me and you and pretty much everybody in these forums, so by buying the Nes Mini they are gonna wait until they go for a switch, if that. It might be a way to bring customers to the idea of paying for old games on the switch too like "Hey! Do you remember that nice (not) nes mini we put out and how cool it was? Now you can do the same in the switch, just for more than the nes!".

    In any case, Nintendo needs all the fucking support in the world right now. They have an end of life console (3ds), a cancelled mini console that sells like chocolate waffles right outside a coffee shop in Amsterdam and a new console that begs for attention and developers of the west. Cancelling any source of income is like shooting your left leg while running a marathon, thinking you will still finish 1st.
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    So long, SNES edition *sigh*
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    Lol this thread made me look them up on eBay. That's so dumb. I kinda wanted one, but I guess it's not meant to be, whatever.
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    If my area, such a thing doesn't exist.
    Screw Worten tho.